WWE Diva Nikki Bella: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Nikki Bella was born Nicole Garcia-Colace and she grew up to be a big WWE star as well as a reality show “diva.” Read on for the facts on Nikki, her twin sister, her high profile relationship, and more.

1. Nikki Is One Half of the Bella Twins

Brie and Nikki Bella are also known as the Bella Twins when it comes to the WWE. Wikipedia writes:

Brianna Garcia-Colace and Nicole Garcia-Colace are American twin models and professional wrestlers. The twins are a professional wrestling tag team under the ring names Brie Bella and Nikki Bella respectively, collectively referred to as The Bella Twins. They currently perform for WWE, where both Nikki and Brie are former one-time WWE Divas Champion.

As far as how they started, they didn’t start their careers as a team … they actually tricked viewers.

Brie made her debut on SmackDown in August 2008; she debuted first, and as part of her in-ring persona, would disappear under the ring during matches, emerging revived. Eventually, however, it was discovered she was switching places with her twin, Nikki, under the ring in order to gain an advantage. They then competed in tag team matches.

2. She’s One of the Main Stars on Reality Show Total Divas

"Total Divas Season 2 trailer"Get a sneak peek at the drama to come when "Total Divas" returns March 16, 9/8 CT only on E! wwe.com/wwenetwork2014-02-20T19:26:58.000Z

Season 2 of Total Divas is in full effect and this season is supposed to be full of action. Have a look at the season trailer in the above video.

3. Her Relationship With John Cena Brings a lot of Media Attention

"Total Divas" Season Two exclusive clip: Nikki Bella contemplates her future with John CenaNikki Bella voices her concern about her relationship with John Cena to her sister Brie. "Total Divas" returns to E! this Sunday at 9/8 CT.2014-03-10T14:00:06.000Z

John Cena is not looking to get married and have kids, but Nikki Bella doesn’t feel she should have to give that up for her relationship … On tonight’s season 2 premiere episode, we are supposed to find out the fate of the couple. However, recent interviews with Cena and Bella have hinted that the couple have love for each other, but might not be together right now.

4. Originally, Nikki Wanted to Be a Professional Soccer Player

Though she’s known for her wrestling skills, Nikki actually wanted to be a professional soccer player and wrestling became her “Plan B.” Her Facebook notes:

A self-admitted “tomboy” with a feminine side, Nikki originally planned to play professional soccer until a leg injury ended her career. From there, she followed her twin sister Brie’s lead into WWE.

5. Planet Hollywood Just Held a Handprint Ceremony for Nikki and Bella

Nikki posted the above photo on her Facebook and Instagram with the following caption to honor her being inducted into the Planet Hollywood Hall of Fame:

It was an honor that @PlanetHollywood had a handprint ceremony for us! NYC location just got a whole lot Bella! #TotalDivas

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