Was Paula Patton Cheating With Denzel Washington?

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Denzel Washington has been subject to cheating rumors for years, but this may be a first for Paula Patton. While Patton has publicly separated from husband Robin Thicke, there are stories swirling that she may have carried on an affair with Denzel Washington. The National Enquirer is reportedly set to put out the story in their print edition on March 24, 2014. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry:

The two first worked together back in 2006 but when they paired up last year for 2 Guns word from the set was that their relationship was anything but just professional. They simply weren’t carrying themselves like 2 married people.

Supposedly, when the news of Patton’s separation from Robin Thicke broke, Washington “jumped at the chance to reach out to Paula.”

If Denzel is hauled in to testify in Paula and Robin’s divorce the end result could be a disaster for two marriages.

Let’s hope that this story is just another rumor in the celebrity gossip mill …