‘Pretty Little Liars’ on ‘Good Morning America’: Finale Spoilers

While getting into a Q&A on Good Morning America this morning, the Pretty Little Liars cast had some secrets to reveal. They said the fans will be very happy with the season finale as you’ll find out more about what actually happened to Ali. Check out the interview below:

The PLL cast is said to also be appearing on The View, so stay tuned for more spoilers hopefully!

P.S. Marleen is the first part of the code to unlock next season’s spoilers. The other half of the code will be released at the end of the show’s finale tonight!

TV Line had some additional spoilers for you from the finale:

-While the finale won’t completely answer who “killed” Alison, you will find out in the finale who buried Ali.
-Mrs. DiLaurentis will soon find out that Alison is alive
-How and where Ezra and Alison met and what their relationship really was will be revealed — you may be surprised about who was the hunter/hunted, says King, though frankly, either of them being the pursuer is not a surprise.
-The girls don’t make it back to Rosewood in the finale, they stay in Philadelphia.
-Melissa is in the finale, both in present day and in flashbacks.