Real Housewives of New York City Season 6 Premiere: Top 10 Highlights & Recap

6. Aviva Tries to Make Amends With Ramona

At Heather’s birthday party, Aviva asks Ramona for a hug and tells her she wants to make up. She also apologizes to Ramona, but Ramona says that she doesn’t feel like she can trust her. Ramona says she wants to know who the real Aviva is …

Later on in the episode, Aviva tries once again to extend an olive branch, asking Ramona to get together. Ramona says she will think about it, but doesn’t make a decision right away …

7. Sonja Has Gotten Herself a New Dog

Last season, Sonja understandably had a very emotional time losing her dog Millou. While she still keeps a little spot for him in her home, she’s taken on a new dog named Marley, but often feels guilty for loving a dog other than Millou.

8. Ramona Brings Up Aviva’s Desire to be Friends at Sonja’s Tea Party

When Ramona brings up Aviva’s calling her to make amends, Sonja says that Aviva has grown since last season. So, Sonja tries to defend Aviva a little bit and Ramona is not happy to hear this. Kristen’s reaction is to drink more.

Overall, the girls encourage Ramona to meet with Aviva and Ramona decides to take their advice.

9. Aviva and Ramona Meet to Make Up With Each Other

Aviva and Ramona clearly feel a little awkward when they meet at a local restaurant, so Aviva decides to order tequila shots to break the ice. Between the wine and the shots, the two rivals loosen up a bit and Ramona asks Aviva why she wants to change all of a sudden. Aviva says she’s usually a more relaxed person, but last season she felt like her husband was being attacked and she says she was wrong for overreacting. Ramona agrees to accept Aviva’s apology and has a great time with her over cocktails.

10. We Get a Preview of What to Expect This Season

Not only is Sonja Morgan performing a live burlesque number on Watch What Happens Live tonight, but RHONY gives us a glimpse as to what we can expect this season … To sum it up, Sonja has a doggy funeral, Avery Singer leaves for college, Kristen and her husband bicker, Aviva’s father returns with anger for Ramona, Sonja performs a cabaret, the ladies have a hoedown, Kristen gets into it with almost all the girls, the women confront Ramona on what they believe to be the “Singer Stinger.”

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