‘Sin City 2′: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

6. Eva Green Will Play the “Dame”

The sultry Eva Green will be playing Ava Lord, the “Dame.” You may have seen Eva Gaëlle Green in films such as The Golden Compass, Casino Royale, and Dark Shadows. Currently, she’s filming a TV series called “Penny Dreadful” where she plays one of the lead characters Vanessa Ives. Timothy Dalton and Josh Hartnett also star in the series. IMDb gives this as the plot description:

Some of literature’s most famously terrifying characters, including Dr. Frankenstein and his creature, Dorian Gray and iconic figures from the novel Dracula. become embroiled in Victorian London.

7. Lady Gaga Will Make a Cameo in the Film

Apparently, Gaga will be appearing in the movie for a small role as a waitress. Her being in the movie is confirmed, but her role title has not been released yet.

8. The Trailer Drops Today

Co-director Rodriguez is releasing the trailer to the film today via Twitter, so keep your eyes peeled. In addition, we will be posting the trailer as soon as its released.

9. Apparently There Are Four Plots for the Film

Because the movie combines more than one story, there are multiple plots going on. Wikipedia has listed each one. For “A Dame to Kill For”:

Dwight McCarthy (Josh Brolin) is summoned by his former lover, Ava Lord (Eva Green), who wants his help to escape her abusive husband, billionaire Damien Lord (Marton Csokas). However, Dwight soon learns that Ava’s true intentions are more sinister than they appear.

As for “Just Another Saturday Night”:

On the night John Hartigan meets up with Nancy in “That Yellow Bastard”, Marv (Mickey Rourke) regains consciousness on a highway overlooking the Projects, surrounded by dead young men, and unable to remember how he got there.

In terms of “The Long Bad Night,” which is said to be the original story:

Johnny (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a cocky gambler, disguises a darker mission to destroy the biggest villain in Sin City at his own game. He beats the wrong man and events take a turn for the worse.[7][8] Along the way, he meets a young stripper named Marcy (Julia Garner).

And, lastly is “The Fat Loss”:

Set after Hartigan’s (Bruce Willis) suicide at the end of “That Yellow Bastard”, this story centers around Nancy (Jessica Alba) trying to cope with his death.

10. Sin City 2 Is Said to be Following General Sequel Protocol

Though Sin City 2 is supposed to be a killer film, it’s also said to be following normal protocol when it comes to sequels. Screen Rant writes:

Sin City 2 is heading the prototypical sequel route, where everything about the first film is amplified; here, that includes an even bigger star-studded cast, extremely stylized cinematography (bordering on experimental) and green screen effects that allow Miller’s black-ink-on-white source material to seem alive and breathing, and villains who are somehow badder than the yellow-skinned pedophiles, cannibal priests and murderous thugs in the first movie.

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