EXCLUSIVE Interview – ‘Real Housewives’ Star Sonja Morgan: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

6. Sonja Reveals How She and Her Cast-Mates Deal With the Media

The media can often be vicious, especially when TV personalities or public figures are going through tough times. For example, co-star and friend Ramona Singer has been going through a lot with her marriage over the past months. So, what does Sonja have to say about this?

One of the hardest things about being a television personality is being the subject of the media because good news doesn’t sell. I think if one keeps this in mind and takes it with a grain of salt and also keeps in mind that fan is short for fanatic, they will be okay. But, one must also always remember that the media is useful to promote your charities. So, its beneficial as well as irksome at times. We have an educated viewer. They know they can’t believe everything they read or half of what they see and nothing they hear.

7. Star Magazine Features Sonja’s Contributions on a Weekly Basis

Apparently, Sonja Morgan is a fashion contributor to Star Magazine. On her personal website, she gives details of her weekly gig with the publication.

Sonja is a weekly fashion contributor to Star Magazine which has more than 10 million readers. Her fashion roots start at FIT (The Fashion Institute of Technology) in the late 80′s and a juncture in Europe as a young fashion model where she modeled for top designers in Milan and Paris. She returned to the USA and was the curator and marketing arm of Arlequin, her Ogilvy and Mather Award-winning boutique. As the fan favorite of RHONYC, she continues to regale us in costumes designed by her friend Chris March of Mad Fashion, and she is the muse of Marc Bouwer.

8. Cabralesque Is Morgan’s Signature Style

Morgan has created a new form of entertainment called “Cabralesque.” When asked what the term meant, this was Morgan’s cheeky reply:

Burlesque is the art of peeling off layers to reveal more of yourself using self-depricating humor. Put that together with my “sing song” style of cabaret a la Sonja le one woman show, as Carole Radziwill says and you get Cabralesque. I love to make others feel better if even for a short performance by letting them know they are not alone in their tribulations and that if I can laugh at myself they can too.

9. Her Lifestyle Brand Will be Featured on the Show

Sonja Morgan has put together a lifestyle brand that was a long time in the making and it will be showcased a bit on this season of the RHONY. Morgan talks about the birth and evolution of her brand with us.

My lifestyle brand started when I was young girl. My mom very fashionable would rearrange furniture every month or so to make our home look new. She was a single mom with four children and showed us how to work with what you have. It was a valuable lesson that transcends through my timeless, classic but fashionable lifestyle brand that I have built during my lifetime. We have established a clear brand ID and designed nine logos so that now with the right partner and investor we are ready to go global.

10. Sonja In The City Is Morgan’s Event Business

Morgan’s season 6 premiere party was put on by her event company Sonja In The City, which caters to all kinds of clients. Her company bio reads:

From the intimate to the most lavish of lifetime events, from Manhattan to the Hamptons to Westport. Whether it be a children’s Dr Seuss-themed tea party, burlesque event or wedding, Sonja in the City has the experience to put together the dream occasion to your specifications and expectations. Sonja has 3 decades of experience entertaining worldwide and 2 decades in the food and services industry. Hospitality is her passion and she enjoys every event, from the intimate to corporate events numbering in the thousands!

You can book an event with Sonja in The City by using this email address: SITC@sonjaproductions.com.

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