SPOILERS: ‘The Big Bang Theory’ — ‘The Mommy Observation’ Episode

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In an age when TV series have very short lives, The Big Bang Theory is breaking the rules of physics. It has been reported that the show’s been renewed for three more seasons. On the CBS website, Nina Tassler, chairman of the network, said, “Comedy is a big part of our schedule, and The Big Bang Theory is the biggest comedy force on television.”

The news comes just in time for the show’s 18th episode of it’s seventh season. Here’s a recap of Thursday night’s episode, filled with some spoilers.

1. Sheldon Sees His Mother With a Naked Man

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Sheldon and Howard go to Houston for a tour of NASA, and Shelly decides to drop in on his mother unannounced.

This proves to be a bad idea, and he becomes traumatized when he sees her in a comprising position with a man.

In the preview, he tells Howard, “I saw my mommy with a naked man and she was trying to be a mommy again!”

Later, when they two are at a bar, Sheldon continues, “Do you have any idea what its like to see your mother ravaging someone?”

Howard answers, “Does a brisket count?”

2. Raj Throws a Murder Mystery Party

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According to Big Bang Theory wikia, the gang is back in Pasadena discussing Sheldon and Howard’s trip, and Stuart walks in and ‘drops dead,’ beginning Raj’s party.

Yahoo.com reports that the party shakes things up between the close-knit pals and causes some internal fighting.

Before she is supposed to, Penny reveals that she is the murderer.

3. Sheldon Confronts His Mother

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Laurie Metcalf, of Roseanne fame, who has the recurring role of playing Sheldon’s quirky mother, returns.

Howard advises Sheldon to talk to his mother about her new relationship. Sheldon, surprisingly, listens.

He asks Mrs. Cooper, “How long have you been involved with him?”

When she reports that it’s only been a few months, he continues, “Of those few months, how long have you been a demented sex pervert?”

Sheldon is sent to his room.

4. The Gang Contemplates Where They’ll Be in 20 Years

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(Photo Credit: CBS)

The gang decides to foresee the future for each of its members.
The show’s wikia page reports this is what is decided:

Amy won a Nobel Prize, bought Stuart’s comic book store and closed it so Sheldon would pay more attention to her. Penny is an actress in London, while Leonard is a famous scientist in the US and they have drifted apart. Raj married Beyonce.

Leonard and Penny begin thinking about what would happen to their coupledom if they one day become famous.

5. They Plan to Meet in 20 Years For Dinner

The conversation gets the crew thinking if they’ll all be friends as the years go by.

In the flash forward to the future, the only one who shows up for the reunion meal is Stuart.

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