UFC 171: The Results & Highlights You Need to Know

Main Card Fights (PPV): 10 p.m. EST/7 p.m. PST

UFC 171

Light Heavyweight: Ovince St. Preux vs. Nikita Krylov

Winner: Ovince St. Preux via Submission with a beautifully executed Von Flue Choke (Round 1)! Ovince locked on his hold once he got Krylov to the ground. Ovince maneuvered his way into the hold as Krylov attempted to wriggle out of his mat predicament. The ref saw a limp Krylov and ended the round as Ovince walked away in victory.

Welterweight: Jake Shields vs. Hector Lombard

Winner: Hector Lombard via Unanimous Decision (Round 3)!

Lombard controlled the first round with vicious strikes and nice judo sweeps. Shields got a cut above his eye and started bleeding after a few more strikes by Lombard were landed. The second round saw Lombard and Shields mostly engaged in ground grappling, which saw a lull in the action as both men didn’t do much to each other on the mat. The third round was more of the same, but Shields managed to lock in a tight guillotine choke on Lombard in the round’s final moments. The buzzer sounded as Lombard got loose of the choke and Shields released his grip.

Lightweight: Diego Sanchez vs. Myles Jury

Winner: Myles Jury via Unanimous Decision (Round 3)!

Sanchez and Jury got into some nice punching exchanges in the first round. Jury used his technical know-how to pick his trikes and land them on first contact. Sanchez hyped himself up as he threw bombs at Jury, Jury earned a takedown on Sanchez as the clock ticked down to 0 in the first round. Sanchez got cut with an elbow in the opening moments of the second round. Sanchez retaliated with a nice punch after his blood started to flow. Jury got another successful takedown on Sanchez, but Sanchez looked to make Jury tap with a guillotine choke. Jury got out of the hold and landed an elbow and a few more jabs on Sanchez as round 2 came to a close. At the start of round 3, Sanchez rushed Jury with a barrage of explosive punches. Afterwards, both men exchanged even more strikes. Jury even landed a nice flying knee with a quick jab to boot. Jury got another takedown as the match wore on. The buzzer rung as Sanchez tried to lock in a last-minute guillotine submission.

Welterweight: Carlos Condit vs. Tyron Woodley

Winner: Tyron Woodley via TKO (Round 3)!

Woodley landed some stiff, explosive punches on Condit as the opening round began. Condit switched up his following strikes and landed some of them. Woodley got in a takedown on Condit, but Woodley got out of a triangle chose attempt by Condit after Woodley slammed him down. Condit went for another kick, but got dropped by another Woodley takedown. The second round opened up and saw Woodley land some punches to start damaging Condit. Condit got taken down once again, but he kept up the pace with punches from the mat. Woodley there a nice kick to the Condit’s leg, which put Condit down permanently. The ref waved off the bout as Condit writhed in pain. It seems like a previous takedown made Condit landed awkwardly on his leg.

UFC Welterweight Championship Main Event: Johny Hendricks vs. Robbie Lawler

Winner: New UFC Welterweight Champion Johny Hendricks via Unanimous Decision (Round 5)!

In the first round, Lawler opened up with some landed strikes. Hendricks landed some nice leg kicks and punches as he varied up his offense on Lawler. A plethora of strikes landed here and there as the round finished later on. The second round saw Hendricks land a nice set of carefully orchestrated punches and kicks that seemed to hit Lawler every time. Hendricks got in a rally nice leg kick during his striking mix up game plan. Lawler made sure to stay in the fight, as he landed some big punches at the middle and end of the second round. The third round was all Lawler as he staggered Hendricks with some awesome punches. Hendricks staggered around the octagon as Lawler stuffed him with some nice jabs and overhead punches. Hendricks managed to regain his composure and enter round four. Round four saw Hendricks begin to bleed out of his left eye as Lawler threw a few bombs to his face. Both men punished each other equally with some nice punches, but Hendricks relied on his leg kicks to get more points. The fourth round ended with Hendricks catching Lawler with a successful takedown. The final championship round saw Hendricks’ previous leg kicks pay off as Lawler began to limp and stagger throughout. Hendricks laid in several strikes and managed to take Lawler to the ground. Lawler seemed to have lost his explosive energy as the round came to a close.

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