‘Walking Dead’ Season 4 Finale: Top 10 Predictions

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The latest episode of The Walking Dead was full of some amazing discoveries — Terminus and who Joe and the rest of The Claimers are looking to seek revenge on. After seeing these two huge revelations take place, we’re anticipating the Season 4 finale even more.

After following everything that’s occurred in Season 4 of this awesome zombie apocalypse drama, we’ve come to a few conclusions about what could go down on the season finale. We’re sure that something or some things will occur on this huge upcoming episode, airing Sunday, March 30. If any of these top 10 predictions comes to pass, the wait for Season 5 will be even more painful.

Note: These prediction shouldn’t be taken as the gospel truth for what’s going to go down on The Walking Dead Season 4 finale. They’re called “predictions” for a reason, after all.

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1. Darryl’s New Allies Will Battle With Rick, Carl & Michonne, & Darryl Will Get Killed in the Crossfire

The Walking Dead Season 4

After Beth’s kidnapping, Darryl joined up with a group of men who were of the badass, hunting kind. This group (now dubbed The Claimers) has grown to respect and appreciate Darryl (especially Joe). During the last episode, Joe revealed that someone killed one of his men when he and the rest of The Claimers discovered a seemingly empty house. Viewers know that Rick was the man who killed one of The Claimers, because Rick was forced to do that in order to escape the home he once inhabited.

The preview for the season finale (watch it above) displayed scenes of an epic struggle that also saw Rick in a battered and bruised position. We think this is a result of a climactic and physical meeting between Darryl and The Claimers against Rick, Carl and Michonne. And we also think a major death will take place — Darryl will sacrifice himself for his former friends after getting caught in the crossfire between both camps.

2. Rick Will Reunite With His Baby Girl Judith, Carol & Tyreese, But Carol Will Sacrifice Herself During a Survival Group Crossfire

The Walking Dead Season 4

Here’s another possible conclusion to the impending face-off between The Claimers and Rick, Carl and Michonne we think’s gonna happen — before Rick and his two allies eventually meet The Claimers, they will all reunite with Carol and Tyreese. It’s easy to see how shocked Rick will be once he sees Carol back with Tyreese, even after the fact that Carol killed Tyreese’s girlfriend (which forced Rick to ban her from the prison). Rick will also discover that his baby girl Judith is indeed alive (this emotional scene will tug at everyone’s heartstrings).

But this happy moment will be followed by a violent end to The Claimers vs. Rick, Carl, Michonne, Carol and Tyreese meeting — in the ultimate act of redemption, Carol will sacrifice herself for Rick and the rest of her crew.

This possibility has a better chance of happening than Darryl’s death for two reasons:

1. Carol may want to make up for what she did to Tyreese and for what she had to put Rick through once he found out about her act. Sacrificing herself may just be the way to do it.

2. Carol will spot Rick or Carl as they’re about to get shot, which will force her to throw herself into the crosshairs in order to protect the two individuals she’s grown so close to.

3. Rick, Carl & Michonne Will Discover That Terminus Is the Base for Cult Followers

The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale

A Reddit user who goes by the screen name “SIMIAN_KING” made a pretty strong prediction about what Rick, Carl and Michonne will discover about the people at Terminus during the Season 4 finale:

Here is what I am calling for the season finale:

At one point in the sneak peak for the season finale, we see Rick and Michonne and Carl walk into a room full of candles and small statuettes (of Mary?). I have read many theories that the candles/statues are part of a ritual and that Terminus is full of cult followers. While I agree that Terminus is not as safe as it might seem, I do not think that the candles belong to Terminus. Rather, I think Rick/Michonne/Carl stumble upon Gabriel (the priest from the comics). As comic readers know, Gabriel feels guilty for having caused the death of a great number of people by locking his doors to the masses when the apocalypse first hit. He listened in fear from within his church as the people were torn to pieces outside. I believe all the candles we see in the sneak peak are prayer candles, ones Gabriel has lit to remember all of the people who died outside his doors. I believe Beth will be with Gabriel, and predict that it was he who drove off with her from the morgue, thinking he was protecting her from the mass of walkers. I think the priest, living close to Terminus, will inform Rick that the “sanctuary for all” is far from being safe and that it is in fact a messed up and evil place. Rick will want to make sure none of his people are there and warn whoever he can, so he will go there anyway in hopes of finding/warning the rest of his group to stay away from the place. This will lead to a run in with Daryl’s new group, who are tracking him for having killed one of their guys, and will lead to a three-way bloodbath between Rick’s group (now united at Terminus), Joe’s boy band, and the Terminus cannibals (because I think it’s pretty obvious that that is what they are). The episode will end with some cliffhanger that will keep us guessing until the start of season 5.

TL;DR: Rick finds the priest, Gabriel. Gabriel tells him the truth about Terminus. He goes in case others of his group are headed there. Crosses paths with Joe’s group. Bloodbath. Cliffhanger.

4. We (The Viewers) Will Get Clued in to Something More Sinister Behind Mary & Terminus

The Walking Dead Season 4

Anyone who’s been watching The Walking Dead for this long knows that any place that appears safe definitely isn’t what it seems (remember The Governor’s little estate? That didn’t turn out so well, did it?). Terminus may appear to be the best place for the remaining survivors to set up camp, but we all know there’s probably something more sinister hiding behind the walls of this new location.

We think the show will give us a gang of clues that point to how much of a threat Terminus and Mary really are. Glenn, Maggie and the rest of the crew who arrived there might not get to see those clues so soon, but we think they’ll come to find out what’s hiding there in the opening episodes of Season 5.

Most fans are going with the “Terminus is a home for…CANNIBALS!” theory. We think that’s a safe bet.

5. Rick Will Discover That the Injured Woman He Met at the Start of Season 4 Is a Terminus Survivor

The Walking Dead Season 4

Another Reddit user by the name of “little_paws” made a connection to the opening episode of Season 4 and Terminus. This fan-made prediction really has some clout and a high possibility of happening:

Okay so I was watching the latest episode tonight and the first thing that popped into my head when I saw Mary was this:

Remember at the beginning of season four when Rick and Carol went out looking for supplies and they ran into that couple (slim shady look alike and that hippie girl who lost her leg). What if they came from Terminus. At the time predictions about them being cannibals were made like the predictions about Terminus being a cannibalistic group. I also thought this because Terminus and Mary all gave off some kind of hippie vibe that I got from the couple. This is just a random prediction, I’ve not seen it mentioned before and we never really got a closed ending on what happened with them two so it could be a possibility.


Head to page 2 to see even more of our crystal ball predictions for the Season 4 finale of The Walking Dead!

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