‘Walking Dead’ Season 4 Finale Recap: Top 10 Spoilers

The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale

Tonight was surely a night to remember for those who were watching! The Walking Dead’s 4th season has been full of of amazing moments and some of the saddest deaths to ever hit the small screen. The final episode for AMC’s zombie/human drama series 4th season came to a close and we’re here to document its most important moments and developments.

Here’s our recap and top 10 spoilers on went down!

And make sure you check out the video below to get even more info on the most WTF! moments from the show (video courtesy of Emergency Awesome).

1. The Opening Minutes Showcased A Flashback and Rick’s Depressing Future

The opening scene harkened to a happier time during Rick and his crew’s time back at the prison. Once that scene came to a close, we got to see a shaken and seemingly hurt Rick. A cameo of Hershel when he was alive and well was thankfully shown. He was sitting beside a car, all bloodied up and seemingly in shock. This opening segment was a greater tease of what was soon to come…

2. Joe and The Claimers Finally Ran Into Rick

The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale

While Rick, Carl and Michonne walked around the woods scavenging for food and supplies, they heard a man crying for help. They were to late to aid him, as he ripped to shreds by a horde of hungry zombies. Rick, Carl and Michonne were then forced to deal with the zombies they just witnessed.

Afterwards, another flashback scene was shown – Rick waking up in his prison cell to the voice and presence of Hershel and Beth. When nightfall hit, Rick and Michonne sat by a campfire having a convo about Carl. They got suspicious after hearing something in the background.

That sound turned out to be “The Claimers,” the new group of men that Darryl joined up with in the last episode. The leader of The Claimers (Joe) pointed a gun right at Rick’s head and told him he made a huge mistake.

3. Daryl Reunited With His Old Crew, Plus Rick’s Darker, More Violent Side Was on Full Display

While The Claimers had their guns pointed at Rick, Carl and Michonne, Daryl came into the picture and let The Claimers know that they were good people.

The Claimers then jumped all over Daryl and beat him down while Carl was held down by another member of that crew. Rick couldn’t take it any more and got Joe to fire his gun, which barely missed Rick’s head.

A battle ensued between everyone. Rick proceeded to viciously bite and chew Joe’s neck out and kill him in a furious rage and show of passion for his son, Michonne and Daryl. Rick then killed the man who took Carl hostage. Carl, Michonne and Daryl watched as Rick repeatedly stabbed the last remaining member of The Claimers.

4. The Crew Arrived at Terminus

Another flashback scene aired – Rick and Hershel making plans to plant food and raise pigs for the prison and it’s many denizens. Back in the present time, Rick was seen in the same bloody and shocked position that was on display at the start of this finale. Daryl updated Rick on what occurred with him and Beth, as well as how he came into contact with The Claimers. Rick expressed his gratitude towards Darryl by calling him his brother.

Rick, Carl, Michonne and Daryl then went on to continue their journey through the woods to Terminus. While Michonne and Carl went out venturing as a duo, Michonne explained what happened to her previous camp of survivors. Her camp was ravaged by zombies, but she took on two zombies as her protectors once she discovered what had happened to that camp.

Carl and Michonne had a heart-to-heart moment during their time alone. Rick and Daryl could be seen together in a later scene, which showed Rick stashing their firearms just in case they encountered more enemies.

5. A New Character Named Gareth Was Introduced

The Walking Dead Gareth

The reunited crew soon arrived a broadcasting station that was the source of the radio message for Terminus. A whole group of individuals were inside this station, especially a new character named Gareth. After the people at Terminus check their weapons, Rick and his crew were shown around their new home. Mary, the lady who was first seen at Terminus, was also shown.

During their tour of Terminus, Rick made sure to survey everything around him and see if there wan anything fishy about this supposed safe haven. After seeing a certain watch in the pocket of their Terminus tour guide, Rick put a gun to his head and asked where he obtained that particular pocket watch. The pocket watch that got Rick all upset happened to be the same pocket watch that once belonged to Hershel.

Head to the next page to find out the rest of the shocking moments that occurred on the Season 4 finale of The Walking Dead!

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