‘Walking Dead’ Season 4 Finale Recap: Top 10 Spoilers

6. Rick and His Crew Engaged in a Gun Fight With The Terminus Survivors

Another prison flashback scene showed Rick interacting with the members of their home who were added from The Governor’s estate. Rick also spoke to Carl while he was putting a gun together and welcomed him to do something more peaceful without their guns.

Rick then discovered that a bunch of items that their people once had were taken by the people of Terminus (a familiar poncho that Daryl once wore was also seen on one of the female survivors). Soon after, the man who Rick took hold of (Alex) soon got shot in the back of his head.

Soon enough, a gun fight broke out between Rick’s crew and the Terminus gun men. Rick and his people eventually ran into a room full of lit candles and messages strewn across the walls (the words “Never Again…” could be seen).

Once Rick, Carl, Michonne and Daryl ran back outside, they were forced to surrender after several Terminus members had them cornered.

7. Gareth Commanded Rick and His Peoples to Drop Their Weapons and Give Up Fighting

Rick, Carl, Michonne and Daryl were forced to drop their weapons when Gareth encountered them again. Gareth commanded them to enter a train box car, which also led to Carl soon getting the command to go inside with them. Gareth gave each of the survivors a temporary title as he ordered them around – Rick “The Ringleader,” Daryl “The Archer,” Michonne “The Samurai” and Carl “The Kid.”

8. Rick, Carl, Michonne and Darryl Reunited With Some Familiar Survivors

The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale

Once inside the boxcar, Rick and his people also ran into Glenn, Maggie, Ben, Sasha and the rest of the survivors who arrived “safely” at Terminus. This new, massive group of reunited survivors soon came to realize that they now had to stick together if they were going to escape from their current predicament.

9. A Happy Flashback Scene Showed Off Another Uplifting Moment at the Prison

The Walking Dead Season 4

One last flashback scene showed Rick and everyone at the prison farm. This final parting shot showed off Rick, Carl, Beth and the lil’ baby girl as they all shared a laugh and some good times as they began to get into their farming regimen.

10. Rick Closed The Season Finale With Some Awesome Parting Words

Rick told the group he reunited with these parting words – “They’re going to feel pretty stupid when they find out…they’re screwing with the wrong people.”

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