SPOILERS: ‘The Big Bang Theory’ — ‘The Relationship Diremption’ Episode

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This Thursday, The Big Bang Theory crew deals with a new look, a science dilemma, a double date, and a sleepover.

Here are the highlights of Season 7, Episode 20 — “The Relationship Diremption.”

1. Sheldon Gets a Chic Haircut

Penny gets creative and gives Sheldon a makeover.

When Shelly looks in the mirror, he says:

I suppose I could see myself in a scientific boy band. Of course I’d be the dreamy one and the smart one.

Amy is shocked at the transformation and cries, “What did you do? I don’t need other girls to see him walking around like sex on a stick!”

To which Sheldon replies, deadpan, “She’s right, I’m too hot.”

2. Sheldon’s Frustrated With the String Theory

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During lunch one day, he asks, “Am I wasting my life on a theory that can never be proven?”

He continues, “I can’t keep postulating multi-dimensional entities and get nothing in return. I have needs too!” and leaves in a huff.

Back at the apartment, Sheldon can’t sleep, and Penny comforts him.

According to the show’s Wiki, Sheldon asks if her plight- failures at acting, not going back to school, the lack of progress with her relationship with Leonard -allows her to sympathize with him.

3. Raj & Emily Double Date

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Howard is curious to meet Raj’s new woman, Emily.

Turns out that Howard had gone on a date with her, and it was disastrous.

She remembers that he clogged her toilet and promptly escaped through the window.

4. Sheldon Gets Drunk & Amy Stays Over

amy and sheldon, shamy kiss

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As he contemplates what new theories he should work on, he rids his bookshelf of all its string theory books.

During the purge, he finds a geology book, and actually falls asleep with it.

Amy winds up putting him to bed and just staying over, which is a huge step in their relationship.

5. Howard Gets Teased

big bang theory, big bang theory new

(CBS Broadcasting, Inc.)

Besides getting made fun of at dinner, the next day, the guys at lunch continue the mockery.

To make matters worse, Barry Kripke, joins in too.

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