Chet Cannon Forfeits & Jemmye Carroll Gets Eliminated First on ‘The Challenge: Free Agents’

Tonight was the premiere of season 25 for MTV’s challenge. This season it’s every man for himself in The Challenge: Free Agents and the first people sent packing was

It was seriously brutal. Chet Cannon was up against Frank Sweeney in the first battle and Cannon basically split his chin open. It was dripping in blood, his helmet was splashed with blood and his chin needed to be sewn. They patched up Cannon and said he could either leave to get his chin sewn or he could continue to fight. Cannon opted to forfeit in order to save his face.

Up next was LaToya Jackson against Jemmye Carroll and LaToya ended up winning, much to the surprise of the other contestants.

For more information on the first cast-offs, along with all the background and photos on each contestant, click the below link: