David Toledo & PowerPot: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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David Toledo will be on Shark Tank on April 11. With his colleague Caleb Light, he will be presenting his PowerPot invention to potential investors.
Here’s what you need to know about the man and his growing company.

1. The Idea Came About at the University of Utah

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Toledo and his classmate, Paul Slusser, were materials-science engineering students working together.

On their site, they explain that they got the idea after sitting around a campfire, realizing that the rest of the fire’s energy was disappearing into space.

Although Toledo graduated in 2010, his college will still hold a live broadcast of the alum on Shark Tank.

2. They Invented a Pot That Generates Power as It Boils Water

Power Pot V is a thermoelectric generator, but also an actual pot. It literally produces electricity as you cook.
As a result, you can charge up to two USB devices with the energy.

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3. They Raised Close to 1 Million

The friends debuted PowerPot on Kickstarter in April of 2012.

They are now on their third campaign with a goal of 30,000. They need this money to fund the inventory purchases and buy a couple of new, super-awesome tools.”

4. Their Company is Called Power Practical

The company consists of an executive team and a shop with trained PowerPot builders.

On his bio page, Toledo writes, “Since my first Kickstarter Campaign, The PowerPot, I’ve been working full time on my energy start-up company, Power Practical.”

“Seven out of fourteen people who work at the company are former Eagle Scouts. We all like camping,” said Light.

5. PowerPot X Is Coming Soon

In May, the company will start shipping out PowerPot X.

The newer version is a 10-watt generator that converts heat into electrical power, and is able to charge bigger devices like iPads and SLR batteries.

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