Katy Perry’s Boyfriend DJ Diplo? 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Katy Perry is rumored to be dating an EDM star named Diplo, though his real name is Thomas Wesley Pentz. Read on for the facts on their reported relationship as well as some crazy background details on Diplo.

1. The Couple Was Spotted Together at Coachella

Katy Perry and Diplo were supposedly seen showing some PDAs at Coachella over the weekend. Radar Online reports:

Perry and the all star DJ were spotted getting touchy feely in Palm Springs on Saturday night at the Jeremy Scott and Adidas party for Coachella. On Sunday, they attended the festival and were spotted backstage at Krewella’s show, as well as watching Lana del Rey.

Though sources have said that they’re just friends, an eyewitness from Coachella told Radar:

It definitely looked like more than that!

Page Six also had some info to report on the possible new couple:

They were together behind the main stage, where she had a tour bus or trailer, and a group of her friends were hanging out. It was very obvious that Katy and Diplo were together. They seemed inseparable and at one point they were seen getting onto her bus together.

2. Diplo Got Arrested When He Was Working on an Album With Beyonce

In 2011, Diplo got into a fight in Manhattan at The Standard Hotel when he was in town to help work on Beyonce’s album. He told GQ:

Nobody in Beyonce’s camp knew about it, but I thought It was embarrassing.

3. He’s Had to Go to Anger Management Classes

Because of Diplo’s arrest in Manhattan, he was forced to attend anger management classes. At the time, he said:

It’s the one part of my week that’s f*cked up, going to anger management class in Compton every Tuesday with teenage gangsters that beat their cousins and listen to them talk about their lives … That was pretty grounding.

Diplo describes his first day at anger management as this:

The first thing I said in my anger management class was, “I know everybody’s gonna say this, but I definitely don’t belong here.” The lady was like, “Yeah, whatever. Shut up and read this book.” It really is a bunch of teen gang members that beat their moms and stuff. It’s depressing. I’m always grounded.

The DJ then said that smoking DMT was a big help in keeping him on the straight and narrow with his anger management:

I smoked DMT last month and that grounds you really quickly. That’s ego. It’s all bad things. It’s like, every ounce of paranoia you get from smoking weed magnified by a million. You also get like a tripping-out, crazy, intense experience. It’s mind-blowing. That’s my advice for all celebrities. Go to some anger management classes, smoke DMT once every two or three months, and you’ll be good.

4. His Rap Sheet Is Pretty Long

Thomas Wesley Pentz, Katy Perry Boyfriend Thomas Wesley Pentz, Katy Perry Dating Thomas Wesley Pentz, Katy Perry Dating DJ Diplo, DJ Diplo Katy Perry, Diplo Dating Katy Perry


Diplo admits to being jailed a few times for shoplifting, doing grafitti and more. In 1999, he was arrested for misdemeanor second degree trespassing in Florida. Whether some consider Diplo to be a criminal or not, he is held in high esteem with some of our favorite A-list musicians including Gwen Stefani, Usher, and Britney Spears. Romantically, Diplo has been linked to rapper M.I.A.

Check out the cool video below to see DJ Diplo vs. Tiesto with the song “C’Mon.”

Tiësto vs Diplo – C'MonListen to the new single "Jackie Chan" – out everywhere. tsto.co/JackieChan Subscribe for all the latest videos: bit.ly/1iINwcy BUY NOW: bit.ly/bmgkfG #Tiesto #Diplo #Cmon2010-05-19T14:56:08.000Z

5. Diplo Considers Himself to be “the Face of the Ghetto?”

Diplo believes that his arrests and stint in anger management somehow made him “the face of the ghetto,” which some considered his comment to be ignorant. Diplo explains to GQ:

I never planned to be the face of the ghetto. I’m a fucking white dude from Florida. But as long as people pay attention, like, Fuck this guy, at least they know who I am now.

According to Page Six:

He’s the founder of hot record label Mad Decent and part of the duo Jack U with West Coast DJ Skrillex.

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