Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Global Force Wrestling

TNA founder Jeff Jarrett left his former wrestling company behind back in January 2014.

For the months that followed his resignation from TNA, rumors began circling around Jarrett’s plans for a brand new wrestling federation. Well, now it’s official – Jeff Jarrett’s brand new wrestling promotion is real and it goes by the name of Global Force Wrestling.

Here’s fast five facts on the announcement of Jeff Jarrett’s brand new wrestling promotion venture and what we can expect to hear next.

1. Jeff Jarrett’s New Promotion is Looking to Become The New #2 Wrestling Company in the World

Global Force Wrestling

After several months of speculation, Jeff Jarrett officially unveiled the name and goal of brand new wrestling promotion on April 7, 2014. The brand new Global Force Wrestling Federation was revealed with the Twitter Hashtag #JoinTheForce and the logo seen at the top of this page. GFW will be headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee by Jeff Jarrett and his wife, Karen Jarrett.

In an interview with SBNation, Jarrett spoke about his GFW company and it’s ultimate mission statement:

[WWE] have built a brand over the last 50, 60 years. And truly, [WrestleMania] weekend is the perfect example of just how global their brand is. Professional wrestling has been around since the advent of television. There is definitely room, space for a brand new promotion to come on the scene. And we’re going to put out the very best product that we can. Our mission statement is going to be, right at the very top, that we are going to put out a professional wrestling product that listens to the fans, engages the fans. We are going to immerse ourselves with the wrestling fan and that is going to be first and foremost.

2. The Press Release Revealed That More Than 400 Wrestling Performers Are Being Prepped for GFW

Global Force Wrestling

Jeff Jarrett and his wife, Karen Jarrett, are working together in order to make sure Global Force Wrestling is a literal “force” in the world of wrestling.

In the official press release for this new company, it was announced that a wide casting call for wrestling talent has already been put in effect for GFW:

Videos of the Jarretts previewing the new promotion attached to the hashtag #ItsComing have garnered more than a million views. Meanwhile, Jeff and Karen have been searching the United States and the international ranks in search of undiscovered talent. The response has been overwhelming, with more than 400 performers from across the globe already in the evolving GFW talent database.

Two former WWE/TNA talents (Lance Hoyt aka Vance Archer and Elijah Burke aka “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero) actually showed up in a Twitter photo alongside the owners of GFW (could these be the 1st two members of the roster?):

GFW PRESENTS THE JOURNEYGlobal Force Wrestling presents it's first web franchise called #TheJourney, which will document Jeff and Karen Jarrett's life on the road, as they continue to travel around the world in search of undiscovered wrestling talent. "The #G​lobal​S​earch started on January 6, 2014 and we have already grown our database to over 500 young men and…2014-04-16T17:28:31.000Z

You can also view the video above to see a few of the independent wrestlers being scouted for GFW. Also announced on the talent side of GFW is the partnership between Mexican wrestling organization AAA and GFW. Both companies will exchange talents within the U.S. and Mexico.

3. Several Teaser Videos Built Up Anticipation for Global Force Wrestling

#ItsComing Video 1 – Jeff Jarrett SpeaksThe first #ItsComing video. Jeff Jarrett breaks his silence regarding his departure from the company he founded…2014-04-07T09:39:01.000Z

The official Global Force Wrestling YouTube channel released a bunch of teaser videos that built up the anticipation and excitement sorrounding the April 7, 2014 announcement of GFW.

Check out the first vid above to hear from Jeff Jarrett himself and take a peek at the vid below to hear even more from the man himself.

#ItsComing Video 2 – ChangeJeff & Karen Jarrett speak about the change in their lives and the change that they are ready to bring to wrestling!2014-04-07T09:38:58.000Z

4. Country Music Star Toby Keith Has Been Rumored to Be Involved with the Jarrett’s New Company

Global Force Wrestling

Ever since the rumors about Jarrett’s new wrestling company started to crawl over several wrestling websites, country music star Toby Keith’s name has come up every time. Back in December 2013, several news reports noted that Keith and Jarrett reportedly made an attempt to purchase TNA for themselves. These plans fell through after it was also reported that Bob Carter (the father of TNA president, Dixie Carter) and his demanding that his daughter remained TNA’s on-screen President/creative officer made Jarrett and Keith step away from the deal.

Toby Keith’s name still pops up when it comes to Jeff Jarrett, so we’ll just have to wait and see if he’s actually involved with Global Force Wrestling.

5. Several More Announcements are Coming in the Weeks to Come

Global Force Wrestling

On top of the official news release that was issued on behalf of the new Global Force Wrestling Federation, Jarrett told the world that even more exciting news sorrounding his new company will become public over the coming weeks.

In his interview with SBNation, Jarrett also made sure to express his excitement about the future news reveals about Global Force Wrestling:

We’re very excited. This is day one of a very, very fantastic journey. In the scope of things, it’s still very, very early. [Monday’s news release] was as soon as I could get information out. More information to come.

Wrestling fans can expect to get some official news of the company’s launch date, wrestling talent, TV channel etc. real soon…

Head to the next page for some extra official news about Global Force Wrestling!

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