RIP Gracie Abbott, Cody Simpson’s Superfan: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Cody Simpson lost a beloved fan, 13-year-old Gracie Abbott and many of his Twitter followers are expressing their grief on behalf of the fallen superfan.

1. The Cause of Death Was an ATV Accident

Apparently, Abbott and two of her cousins were involved in the crash, but Abbott sadly lost her life.

2. Abbott’s Cousins Are Still Fighting for Their Lives

3. Cody Simpson Has Expressed His Grief Via Twitter

Cody Simpson appears to be very touched and saddened by the loss of Gracie Abbott. Have a look at his upset tweets upon hearing the news.

4. Abbott Called Herself the Future Mrs. Simpson

Gracie Abbott made signs for her celebrity crush, pop star Cody Simpson, calling herself the future Mrs. Simpson and even dedicated her Twitter handle to him. Have a look at some of the posts that Abbott made about her beloved Cody Simpson.

5. Fans Are Grieving On Twitter As Well

Other fans of Cody Simpson are saddened by the news of one of their fellow fans losing their life. The trend #RIPGracie has begun and fans continue to post thoughtful tweets on Gracie Abbott’s behalf.