‘How I Met Your Dad’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

In October, news was already out that although How I Met Your Mother was ending, its writers had a spinoff show in the wings.

Carter Bays and Craig Thomas are the creators behind How I Met Your Dad, which the Hollywood Reporter said is told from a woman’s point of view.

The star is indie flick queen Greta Gerwig, who plays recently divorced Sally.

Gerwig told Us Weekly that she was happy with the end of How I Met Your Mother. “I loved it so much,” she said. “No, I wanted [Ted and Robin] to [end up together]! I’m such a schmaltzy person.”

Here’s all you need to know about the show — which may or may not actually air.

1. People Think Barney’s Baby Mama Will Be Telling the Story

In the series finale of HIMYM, Barney gets an unnamed and unseen woman pregnant. He only calls her “Number 31,” explaining that he has a “perfect month” of sleeping with a different woman every night. The last one he slept with got pregnant.

Therefore, there is speculation that the “dad” might be Barney!

3. Meg Ryan Is Set to Play Future Sally

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TV Guide confirmed that Meg Ryan will narrate the show, like Bob Saget did in How I Met Your Mother.

As in HIMYM, she will remain unseen and be telling the story to her children.

3. Time Magazine Begged Them Not to Make It

Time writer, James Poniewozik, made this plea:

But when I say that HIMYF is a terrible idea, I say it out of love, not hate. I wouldn’t bother writing at all about the idea of spinning off a sitcom I didn’t care about. A spinoff is misguided not because of what’s bad about HIMYM but because of what is, or was, distinctively, lovably good about it.

Gerwig assures us that the two shows are completely different:

It’s going to be different than the original. When the premise of the show is that it’s a young man looking for his true love, it’s a very different feeling than a young woman looking for her true love.

4. It Will Be Set in New York City

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As with How I Met Your Mother, the show will be in New York. According to Deadline, McLaren’s, the bar that the HIMYM gang loved, would also be in this show.

However, Bays denounced that with this tweet:

Although Carter and Bays made it clear that the old cast has nothing to do with the new show, it didn’t stop the actors from giving their input.

Alyson Hannigan told Pop Sugar:

I know nothing about the spinoff. But Carter [Bays], I think had been pretty adamant that he doesn’t want us to have anything to do with it,” Alyson told IGN with a very disappointed face. But there’s hope! “I’m just going to be an extra.

5. There Is Already Casting Drama

Tiya Sircar, Tiya Sircar show, Tiya Sircar how i met your dad

Tiya Sircar (Getty)

Deadline reported that Krysta Rodriguez, who was to play Greta Gerwig’s best friend, is being replaced with Tiya Sircar.

The replacement was done after the table read.