WATCH: 25-Year-Old Jon Hamm on Dating Game Show; Doesn’t Get Picked

25 Yr. Old Jon Hamm on "The Big Date" Game Show (1996)Lighthearted Entertainment recently discovered that during his quest to become a TV star, a 25 year old Jon Hamm made an appearance on their USA Network dating game show called "The Big Date" in 1996. This amazing clip shows that Jon wasn't always as suave as he is today playing Don Draper in AMC's "Mad…2014-04-03T20:47:26.000Z

25-year-old Jon Hamm, with his hair parted down the center, was just another broke, part-time actor full-time waiter in 1996.

So he decided to appear on a dating show, hosted by now Antiques Roadshow host Mark L. Walberg.

Jon didn’t get picked. But he later became Hollywood royalty, so who cares.

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