Kevin Hart: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart’s ascent to Hollywood stardom has been amazing to witness. Hart has been through hell and back during his journey from a somewhat popular comedian to one of the most popular actors starring in quality comedy films today.

If you’ve seen Ride Along or even any of Kevin Hart’s previous stand-up specials, then you know just how much of a joy seeing him on the little/big screen is. If you’re interested in the backstory sorrounding Kevin Hart and his career, then make sure you pay attention to all the info we’re about to bless you with.

Here’s the top 10 facts you need to know about one of funniest men alive, Kevin Hart!

1. Kevin Hart Was Primarily Raised By a Single Mother

Kevin Hart Mom

Kevin Hart’s mother Nancy Hart (center).

Kevin Hart (birth date: July 6, 1979) was born and raised during his early childhood years in North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His mother, Nancy Hart, raised him alongside Kevin’s older brother Robert Hart. As for Kevin Hart’s father Henry, he was in and out of Kevin’s life due to his addiction to cocaine and his many stints in jail.

In 2006, Nancy Hart lost her life due to cancer. Kevin copes with the pain of losing his mother by incorporating her into his stand-up routine. Kevin has also repaired his relationship with his father now that Henry has successfully recovered from his drug addiction.

2. He’s Lived in Three Separate States

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart’s early years took place entirely in North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (he went to George Washington High School in Northeast Philadelphia). Hart made his way over to New York City for community college and graduated two years after attending. And finally, Hart found himself in Brockton, Massachusetts working as a shoe salesman. After performing at an amateur night at a club in Philadelphia, Kevin began taking his career as a stand-up comedian more seriously.

3. His 1st Official Stand-Up Gig Took Place at The Laff House in Philadelphia

Kevin’s start as a stand-up comedian didn’t start off so well (he once got a piece of fried chicken thrown his way during a performance). His fortunes began to change as soon as he improved his act through comedy competitions throughout Massachusetts. Hart’s first official stand-up gig took place at the famous Laff House in Philadelphia under the moniker “Lil’ Kev.”

You can watch Kevin’s 1st offical gig in the video above.

4. His Comedy Inspirations Are Tied to Several Prominent Black Comedians

Kevin Hart’s early attempts at stand-up comedy were based off of the mannerisms and rhythm of Chris Tucker. As time went on, Hart found his own style and took inspiration for his career from other black comedians such as Bill Cosby, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle and Eddie Murphy.

The video above shows Kevin Hart mentioning the greatest comedian he’s ever seen.

5. His Stand-Up TV and Movie Specials Have Been Hugely Successfully

Let Me Explain

Hart’s major comedy tours (I’m A Grown Little Man in 2009, Seriously Funny in 2010, Laugh At My Pain in 2011 and Let Me Explain in 2013) have either been featured on TV or movie theaters. Currently, Laugh At My Pain has grossed over $15-million and been ranked as one of 2013’s top-selling comedy tours. The cinematic version of the film showcased Kevin’s stand-up routine in front of a sold-out crowd at the Nokia Theater at L.A. Live in Los Angeles.


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