‘Mad Men’ Season 7 Episode 1 Recap: Top 5 Spoilers

mad men season 7, amc


Mad Men season 7 premiered tonight. The first episode is called Time Zones. Read on for spoilers.

mad men season 7 premiere, roger


1. The Team is Still in NYC & Roger Loves the Hippie Life

The episodes begins with Freddy pitching a watch to Peggy. “Accutron.” It then cuts to Roger, who’s in his apartment after doing LSD and having an all-night orgy. His daughter, Margaret, calls him asking him out to lunch. He then heads to the office, where there is the usual chaos over various clients and new pitches. “Accutron” seems to be a big theme, along with a Butler footwear company. Joan meets with the Butler footwear exec for dinner, who informs her that they are possibly pulling their contract with SC&P. Later, Peggy is told off by a new SC&P exec with the Accutron slogan.

We later find out that Don is feeding Freddy slogans to use on Peggy, trying to get his job back. Peggy likes all these slogans, but the new SC&P exec does not.

mad men season 7 premiere, amc


2. Don is in California

Don enters on camera, coming into Los Angeles from a flight from NYC. Megan is there to pick him up in a convertible. They go to dinner to meet a big television biz guy that is intending to make Megan a huge star fairly soon. Megan and Don then head to their new house in Beverly Hills overlooking Los Angeles. Megan feigns ill because she does not want to have sex with Don, knowing that he cheats on her.

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mad men season 7 premiere, amc


3. Ted is Visiting NYC From California & Don is Still Unemployed

Ted is in NYC, visiting the East Coast branch of SC&P. He runs into Peggy for an awkward moment. Stan calls her out on it. Meanwhile in California, Peter Campbell joins Don for lunch. We find out that Don is still on leave from SC&P. Don visits the LA SC&P office with Peter and meets Bonnie Whiteside, a real estate mogul and love interest of Peter. She seems like an important player and gives Don sex eyes.

4. Joan is up to Something & Megan is Evading Sex With Don

Joan sets up a meeting with someone else involved in the Butler footwear, possibly trying to salvage the contract. She surprises the executive with her business prowess after she mistakes his questions for coming onto her. She then wins more time on possibly salvaging the contract. Back in California, Don orders a colored television for their house in the hills. Megan seems mad because the colored television will make her starving artist friends think that she’s rich. The argument evolves into Megan trying to avoid sex again with Don, but she gives in after saying she was nervous because she knows Don regularly cheats on her. He calls himself a “broken vessel.”

mad men season 7, amc


5. Roger Meets With his Daughter for Lunch

Roger’s daughter, Margaret, meets him for lunch and they say they forgive each other. His daughter seems upset that Roger says that he forgives her, too. She then goes on a rant about being recently enlightened. Roger goes home and we find out he’s started a love commune in his apartment. Meanwhile, Don is on his way back to NYC and finds himself seated next to a very attractive woman—a widow. They start talking, and it looks like they are about to kiss. They don’t. Don tells her that he’s a terrible husband, but then he turns her down for sex. Has he changed?

mad men season 7 premiere, amc


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