‘Mad Men’ Season 7: Top 5 Predictions for the Final Episodes

man men season 7

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AMC’s Mad Men has entranced and emotionally dominated millions of viewers for around seven years now, but the time has come to begin the end. Like many shows these days, including The Sopranos and Breaking Bad, Mad Men will end its run with a two-part final season. The first of these two parts begins April 13, 2014, with the second part airing sometime in the spring of 2015.

Here are our predictions:

1. On Leave From SC&P, Don Becomes a More Honest Man

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With Don’s mandatory leave of absence from the company he helped build, his breakdown in front of Hershey, and his honesty with his children about where he’s from, is it possible that Don has hit rock bottom? If he’s hit rock bottom, is it possible the final season will feature a redemption of Don Draper? Or, will this be the swan song of a advertising genius, like a star’s last glimmer before it burns out?

2. The 1969 Moon Landing Will Give Everyone Perspective

mad men moon landing


Like when John F. Kennedy was killed in Season 3, or when Marilyn Monroe died in Season 2, sometimes current events lend perspective to the various characters of the Mad Men universe. After all of the drama both in and out of the office, seeing the world from a far distance and realizing their insignificance may be hard to swallow for some of the show’s characters. I’m not sure whether this will come in the first or second half of the season, but there’s no way the writers will miss this opportunity for symbolism.

3. Pete Becomes or Narrowly Avoids Becoming the New Don

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We’ve already seen it, with his split from his first wife and his love of scamming women, the once ambitious and (fairly) respectable Pete Campbell may well be on his way to becoming the new Don. Like the old Don, we’ve seen Pete put the good of the business before emotions, and Pete also seems disgusted when people cannot maintain there all-is-well public facade. Above you can watch an important moment in Pete’s possible downfall, his trip to the brothel.

4. Bert or Roger Will Die

Mad Men: LSD Scene [HD] 720pSeason 5, Episode 6 – "Far Away Places" (2012): Roger Sterling and his wife Jane drop acid at the appartment of Jane's psychotherapist.2012-04-23T21:49:15.000Z

Roger and Bert have been Don’s mentors, the two halves of his whole. Roger is the cheating and alcoholic playboy, while Bert is the creative one with little time for frivolity. The loss of either one of them could symbolize a loss within Don, showing either his final descent into distraction and solitude, or a rebirth of a more honest and reformed Don Draper. Above you can watch Sterling’s moment of realization during his LSD trip.

5. Peggy Will Reign Supreme

Mad Men – Peggy gives notice to Don Draper [Season 5]2012-11-28T13:18:33.000Z

We all know by now that this show is as much about Peggy’s rise to power and empowerment as it is Don’s journey spiraling downward, right? Peggy’s been held back by people who don’t believe in her her entire life, but with Don finally out of the picture, she may be just what SC&P needs to bring the company into the new decade. Above, you can watch Peggy’s confidant and emotional exit from the company.

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