Matt Rosenberg, Haylie Duff’s Fiance: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Haylie Duff has announced her engagement to her new fiance Matt Rosenberg. Check out the details on the engagement and a little info on Rosenberg.

1. The Big News Was Announced on Duff’s Website

Haylie Duff used her website Real Girl’s Kitchen to announce that her boyfriend Matt Rosenberg had popped the question. On her website, Duff wrote a joint letter and signed it The Future Mrs. Rosenberg.

We are so excited and happy to share our wonderful news with everyone! We both feel so blessed to have the love and support of our family and friends and can’t wait to start this new adventure!

2. It Happened On April Fools’ Day

Apparently, the proposal went down on April Fools’ Day of all days, so it may have been a little hard to believe at first. Duff wrote:

This week has seriously just become the best week of my life! As if announcing The Real Girl’s Kitchen tv show wasn’t enough, Matt just took me by total surprise and proposed…on April Fool’s Day of all days! The moment was genuine and sweet (like him!) and I couldn’t wait to say yes!

3. Haylie Calls Her Hubby-To-Be Matty

Matt Rosenberg, aka Matty Rose, seems like a sweetheart. In photos Haylie’s posted online, you can see him goofing off, playing with Haylie’s nephews toys, hanging out with her family, going on double dates, and doing everything you’d hope your mate would do.

4. Prior to Rosenberg, Duff Dated Actor Nick Zano

You may remember actor Nick Zano from the television show What I Like About You, but Haylie Duff remembers him as her ex-boyfriend. In 2011, the relationship ended. The couple had started dating in 2008, just a couple months after sister Hilary Duff started dating her now estranged husband, according to Ace Show Biz.

5. The News of Rosenberg’s Engagement to Duff Comes Just Months After Her Sister’s Separation from Husband Mike Comrie

Just three months after Hilary Duff announced her separation from husband of three years Mike Comrie, Rosenberg pops the question.