WATCH: Grief-Stricken Miley Cyrus Cries on Stage After Dog Floyd Dies

Miley Cyrus lost her sweet pooch Floyd and had difficulty holding it together for her sound check party in Boston before her concert. In the A little after the one-minute mark, Miley Cyrus starts to lose it a little and then has to stop in the middle of her sound check to wipe away her tears. She then asks the audience for a little help with the lyrics because she was having a rough time. She managed to regain her composure for a while, but lost it again a little after the four minute mark.

Miley’s fans felt awful for her and cheered her on as she wept on stage. Later on, Miley’s little sister joined her on stage to lend her support as well. The video footage is truly touching and, if you’ve ever lost a pet, you know what Miley’s going through …

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