WWE’s Paige: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Paige WWE

On the April 7, 2014 showing of WWE’s weekly RAW TV airing, the crowd came unglued during several instances of the show. One moment in particular got the crowd going and it revolved around the WWE Divas Championship. NXT female wrestling superstar Paige made her main stage debut and won the Divas Championship from AJ Lee in a surprising upset!

Here’s five fast facts you need to know about Paige and everything she’s accomplished in her illustrious wrestling career thus far.

1. Paige Captured the WWE Divas Championship on Her 1st Night on WWE RAW

On the evening of WrestleMania XXX, AJ Lee successfully defended her Divas Championship in the “Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational.” The next night on RAW, AJ skipped to the ring and proclaimed her greatness by speaking highly of her win at ‘Mania 30.

All of a sudden, Paige’s theme song blared over the loudspeakers and out came NXT’s Women’s Champion. Paige made her sudden appearance in order to congratulate AJ’s victory, which AJ absolutely had no care for. AJ immediately challenged Paige on the spot in an impromptu bout for the Divas Championship. Paige shocked the world when she escaped AJ’s Black Widow submission and dropped her with the Paige Turner finisher.

You can check out the match highlights above and get a good look at her post-backstage interview below.

2. She Comes from a Family of Professional Wrestlers

Paige (real name Saraya-Jade Bevis) is an English professional wrestler who comes from a long line of fellow wrestlers through her immediate family. Paige’s mother and father, Sweet Saraya and Ricky Knight, and her older brother Roy and Zak all compete as professional wrestlers. Paige’s family runs the World Association of Wrestling (WAW) promotion.

A documentary (The Wrestlers: Fighting With My Family) was actually produced on Paige and her family of wrestlers via Channel 4.

Check out the full 40-minute documentary above.

3. She Joined the WWE in 2011

Paige NXT

From 2006 until 2011, Paige became a wrestling journeyman who gained valuable wrestling training and experience in several promotions (WAW Academy/WAW, Pro Wrestling EVE and Shimmer Women Athletes). Once 2011 rolled around, Paige received two separate WWE tryouts in November and April of that year. In September 2011, Paige was signed to a developmental WWE contract and got sent down to Florida Championship Wrestling for further training.

Once FCW made its transformation into NXT, Paige gained a hardcore fan following due to her “Anti-Diva” persona and domination in the NXT Women’s Championship tournament.

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4. She’s the 1st Ever NXT Women’s Champion

Paige successfully made her way to the finals of the NXT Women’s Championship tournament and met fellow NXT Diva Emma in the finals. Paige first defeated Tamina Snuka in the opening round and then went on to defeat Alicia Fox afterwards.

Check out Paige’s first victory for the NXT Women’s Championship above and make sure you take a look at their rematch on NXT ArRival below.

5. She Captured a Large Collection of Wrestling Championships During Her Career Thus Far

Paige Divas Champion

Paige has captured a slew of championships throughout her career, which can all be seen below:

– German Stampede Wrestling Ladies Championship (1-time)
– Herts & Essex Wrestling Women’s Championship (2-time)
– Premier Wrestling Federation Ladies Tag Team Championship (1-time) – with Sweet Saraya
– Pro-Wrestling: EVE Championship (1-time)
– Real Deal Wrestling Women’s Championship (1-time)
– Real Quality Wrestling Women’s Championship (1-time)
– Swiss Championship Wrestling Ladies Championship (1-time)
– World Association of Women’s Wrestling British Tag Team Championship (1-time)
– World Association of Women’s Wrestling Ladies Hardcore Championship (1-time)
– World Association of Wrestling British Ladies Championship (1-time)

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