Patricia ‘Pattie’ Mallette, Justin Bieber’s Mom: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Justin Bieber’s mother Pattie Mallette has led quite an amazing life, with many hurdles to overcome. Have a look at the facts on Mallette and why she’s such a strong woman.

1. Mallette Had a Rough Childhood

Pattie Mallette had a very rough childhood. Her older sister was killed by a car while crossing the street when she was just 5 years old and her parents divorced when she was only 2. Mallette’s father was apparently an alcoholic and abusive man, though he left the family when Mallette was so young. Mallette once wrote:

When my dad left us, it ripped a hole in my heart—one that began filling with thoughts and feelings that would challenge and ultimately damage my identity and self-worth. The wound of being abandoned travels deep and forever changes you.

According to Wikipedia, Mallette and her brother got reacquainted with their father Michael, going out to dinner together. A few months after their dinner, Mallette’s brother Chris made plans to spend the summer with their dad, but Michael died of a heart attack the night before Chris was set to make the trip.

2. She Was Molested as a Child

Mallette is an author of multiple books, one of which is an autobiography. Apparently, Mallette’s childhood was filled with sexual abuse and violence, which started at age three. According to her, a male babysitter, a friend’s grandfather, and older children in her neighborhood, all sexually abused her. This continued until age 14 and then Mallette writes about a date rape that occurred when she was 15 years old.

I was sexually violated so many times that as the years went by it began to feel normal. It’s a strange marriage – knowing something is wrong yet at the same time finding it familiar and commonplace.

3. She Found Christianity Through a Teen Life of Turmoil

At the age of 14, Mallette experimented with alcohol, marijuana, and LSD. She also became destructive, vandalizing her school by starting a fire, and leaving home at 16 years old. At 15, she started dating Justin Bieber’s dad Jeremy, but became a thief and drug dealer to support herself before trying to commit suicide. After throwing herself in front of a truck, she ended up in a mental hospital, which is where she found religion. Six months after being released, Mallette became pregnant by Jeremy Bieber and moved to a home for unwed mothers. Ten months after Justin was born, Pattie and Jeremy broke up.

4. Mallette Was Justin’s Original Manager

In the early part of Justin’s career, before he went under the direction of Scooter Braun, Pattie was her son’s manager. When Pattie was young, she dabbled in acting and music, but when she realized her son Justin had a talent for it, she was behind him 100 percent. Pattie posted video after video of her son’s performances on YouTube, which eventually led to his fame.

5. Today, April 2nd, Is her Birthday

Pattie Mallette’s birthday is today, born in 1976, and Bieber fans are all making the hashtag #HappyBirthdayPattie trend on Twitter. It looks like Patty’s taking her birthday a lot easier than her son’s this year.

With Justin Bieber turning 20 years old last month, Pattie was having a little rough time with accepting the fact she has a grownup son. I think every mother has that moment at some point.

For April Fools’ Day yesterday a bunch of “Pattie Mallette” accounts were created and tweeted at Bieber’s mom as a joke. Have a look at Justin and his mother’s reactions below: