Scandal Season 3 Episode 17 Recap: Top 5 Spoilers

Scandal,  Scandal Season 3 Episode 17 Recap


The penultimate Scandal episode of Season 17 was about as thrilling as any in the show’s history. It had it all: Terrorism, romance, family drama. You name it.

Here are the top five spoilers you need to see:

1. Eli Pope Comes in to Help Track Down Maya

The episode begins with Jake accusing Olivia of treason for dismantling B613 and Fitz and Cyrus, summoned by Jake, showing up to confront Olivia and to try to thwart the terror attack being planned by Maya Pope. Jake lashes out at Olivia for sleeping with him and hacking into his phone, making for an awkward moment with Fitz looking on.

Faced with the prospect of a threat on Fitz’s life, the group calls in Eli Pope in order to help thwart the plot.

Charlie and Quinn then show up and see that Eli, the former Command, and Jake, his successor, are standing side-by-side, making for this line from Charlie:

Eli then says he won’t work on the mission unless Jake leaves. That leaves it to Olivia to choose between her dad and Jake. She chooses Eli, causing an angry outburst from Jake as he leaves.

Charlie and Quinn stay to help the Gladiators, making for awkward reunions between Quinn and Olivia and Quinn and Huck.

2. Olivia Orders Fitz to Stay in the White House

On Olivia’s orders, Fitz is holed up in the White House in order to keep himself out of danger when he learns that a key senator who was an ally in Fitz’s fight for immigration reform has died.

Sally Langston is out on the campaign trail, and Fitz thinks for the sake of the campaign, he needs to leave the White House to deliver a eulogy. He calls Olivia, but Olivia, who notes that it’s the four-year anniversary of the death of Fitz’s father, says he needs to stay in the White House or her mother might kill him.

Fitz pleads with Olivia, but eventually reluctantly agrees to stay in the White House. He says he misses Olivia and that the thought of Olivia being with Jake makes him crazy.

3.Mellie Confesses to Olivia that Jerry May Not be Fitz’s Son

Leo Bergen, Sally Langston’s campaign manager tells Fitz’s son Jerry’s girlfriend to get DNA from Jerry in exchange for his help getting her into Harvard. She and Jerry have sex, and she brings Bergen a bag containing some of Jerry’s DNA. Bergen then calls Eli Pope and tells him he needs some of Fitz’s DNA in order to conduct a paternity test.

Eli tells Olivia what’s going on. When Olivia hears that Mellie asked for the paternity test, Olivia assumes that Andrew is the father of one of Mellie’s kids, when in fact, Mellie thinks Jerry’s father is actually Fit’z father, also named Jerry.

When Olivia confronts Mellie, Mellie becomes enraged and says she wants to see Fitz burn for what he has done to her. She also confesses to Olivia that Jerry Grant Sr. may be young Jerry’s father. After confessing as much to Olivia, Mellie tells Olivia to fix the situation and not to tell Fitz.

Later, Eli and Abbie conspire to pay off a clerk at the lab so the lab will produce results showing that Jerry is in fact Fit’z son. Sally Langston opens the results while in the back of a car, and says “can’t win them all.”

Meanwhile, Huck hauls in Dominic, the terrorist who built the bomb Maya Pope intends to use. Huck tries unsuccessfully to get Dominic to tell him wear the bomb is.

4. Eli Kills Dominic; Jake and Olivia Talk

Eli reveals to Olivia that Dominic is the one man Maya ever loved. He then calls Maya in an attempt to blackmail her into telling him where the bomb is. Eli tells Maya that he’ll kill Dominic if she doesn’t tell him where the bomb is, but she calls his bluff and eventually hangs up.

Eli orders everyone else out of the room and closes the door. He then kills Dominic. Olivia is distraught over the killing, and confesses her feelings during an emotional phone call with Jake, who insists that there was sincere chemistry between him and Olivia the night that she hacked into his phone.

Olivia then tells Jake that she loves Fitz and that, because she did indeed feel something with Jake, she feels like she betrayed Fitz.

Because Fitz hasn’t been out on the campaign trail while fearful of a terrorist attack, Sally has pulled into a four-point lead in the polls. In danger of losing Florida and Ohio and therefore, the White House, FItz insists he’s going out on the trail.

Fitz says he’d rather be killed while en route to Ohio then lose it, noting a Republican has never won the White House without winning Ohio.

When Olivia learns that Fitz has left for Ohio, she tells Eli she has to stop him. Eli says Olivia can prevent Fitz from being killed if she’s with him, because Maya loves Olivia and would never kill her.

5. The Bomb Is Actually at the Senator’s Funeral, not the Rally; Olivia Finds Eli Bleeding on the Floor

Olivia shows up at a raucous rally in Ohio, where Mellie, Fitz and Cyrus are on stage and Mellie is drunk. Olivia tells Mellie that everything will be OK and that if Mellie wants it, Olivia will get her a paternity test. Maya shows up at Olivia’s office and tells Eli the bomb is still about to go off.

Fitz announces during his speech that the sprinkler system has been shut off and everyone has to go out to the football field.

When Olivia gets back to Washington, she finds Eli bleeding on the floor and says she’ll call for help. It’s then revealed through Jake’s digging that Maya Pope killed the senator who had reportedly died of a heart attack in order to be able to set off a bomb at his funeral.

Sally Langston and Andrew Nichols are both scheduled to attend the funeral. When it occurs to Cyrus that Sally will be there and might be killed, he asks his assistant whether Sally has already left for the funeral. When the assistant says she’s already left and asked if everything’s OK, Cyrus smirks and says that everything’s fine.

Sally and Andrew are shown arriving at the funeral, along with Leo Bergen. The camera then flashes to Mellie opening an envelope, presumably containing the results of the paternity test. The show ends with Maya Pope triggering the bomb, which is scheduled to go off in less than an hour.

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