’24: Live Another Day’ Episode 3 Recap: Top 5 Spoilers

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Jack doesn’t have time to wait in line. The clocks ticking on an assassination attempt of the president and a wrongly accused airmen holds the answer for the ex-CTU agent. Too bad Adrian Cross, Chloe’s new boss, doesn’t want to play fair with helping him take down the international terrorist Margo who uses her children as her world-destroying minions.

Roadblocks are no problem for Jack, who also has Kate Morgan and the CIA bearing down on him, thinking he’s behind the drone attack that killed four soldiers in Afghanistan. Nothing a few errant gun shots can’t help solve, clearing a path for Jack to head inside.

The following takes place between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m.

1. Jack Is ‘Trying to Kill’ Simone

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Jack finds Yates dead in the bathroom where Yates’ killer girlfriend, Simone, left him dead. Jack radios Chloe to track down Simone and they find her entering the London tube. Chloe and Jack speed ahead to the next stop where Jack finds Simone in the train.

Simone needs to get creative when she spots Jack across the train car. She slashes her thigh and spreads the blood from her wound on her face. When the two jump out of the car, Simone yells, “He’s trying to kill me,” hoping the crowd will take down Jack so she can make a clean getaway.

It works and she slips away up the stairs. Chloe’s keeping lookout on the street though and should spot her exiting… or not.

2. Chloe’s Husband And Son Died In A Car Crash

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Unfortunately, Chloe misses Simone making her getaway from the Underground station. A family walking hand in hand down the street distracts the goth techie who thinks she’s spotted her late husband Morris and son Prescott. Chloe tells Jack about the car accident that claimed their lives and Chloe blames herself because she was the supposed target.

Jack tells her she needs to channel the grief and regret she feels for her family into helping him stop the assassination attempt on the president. To honor the lives she lost, she needs to save the millions who could lose their lives if Yates’ drone program gets into the wrong hands. Buck up Chloe, we’ve got bigger worries to handle!

3. Margo – A Loving Mother and International Terrorist

Simone’s mother Margo, the mysterious British woman Yates spoke with last episode, is happy to see her daughter arrive home, but not about that pesky American spy tracking them (a.k.a. Jack Bauer). Simone assures her that he won’t be a problem, but Margo remains skeptical.

(So far, Margo trails slightly behind Scandal’s mommy dearest Maya for “Worst Mother of the Year”.)

We also meet Simone’s real love, her husband Navid, who wasn’t happy to give up his wife for a mission that saw her hooking up with another man. Duty or not, Navid doesn’t want to share his bride.

4. President Heller Goes Ahead With His Planned Parliament Speech

Should have listened to Mark, Mr. President.

Mark’s wife Audrey isn’t too happy with her husband’s treatment of her father, but she still tries to talk her father out of the speech given his deteriorating condition due to his onset dementia.

The Chief of Staff correctly predicts the reaction President’s Heller receives when he steps in front of the British Parliament. Members of the governing body immediately shout him down, outraged by the American drone strikes that left two of their British military officers dead.

Keeping that military base open is looking less and less like a possibility.

5. We Shall Call Him Adrian Double-Cross

Jack returned to Chloe’s headquarters to ask for more support from her group of hacktivists, but the group’s leader Adrian wasn’t going to bend over for Jack again. He compromises his secret identity when Jack tries to enter the British embassy looking for the American airmen Tanner, who’s drone was compromised by Yates to take out the Afghanistan military convoy.

Jack creates a little chaos by firing off a couple shots to sneak into the embassy, with the guards and CIA Agent Kate Morgan on his tail.

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