Adam Sandler & Drew Barrymore: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler have an onscreen history of playing couples that America immediately falls in love with.

The pair talked about their decision to make yet another rom-com together.

“Actually, funny enough, we had another lunch and we talked about that it’s time. The clock is ticking and I think it’s time,” Barrymore said.

Sandler responded, “I said, ‘You’re right.’ A couple of months later, ‘Hey Drew, I think I got a good one.'”

The result is Blended, a comedy about single parents who go on a bad date and then have to vacation together in Africa with their families.

To celebrate the movie’s release on May 23, let’s look back at this Hollywood power duo’s special relationship, on- and off-screen.

1. They’ve Played Opposite Each Other 3 Times

They first met 16 years ago, when they played a wedding singer and a waitress in The Wedding Singer.

ET asked what they remembered from their initial meeting.

“I remember laughing, enjoying … you had dark hair,” Sandler said.

He also remarked about her being well-liked:

You were cooler than me — no doubt you were cooler than me. … You dressed cool. Girls always were bananas over Drew. The fact that I knew Drew made some ladies think I was cooler than I actually was.

Barrymore explained her interest in working with him:

I was just trying to convince him of my plot, because I was scheming. I was a scheming MacPherson because I knew we were supposed to partner up.

In 50 First Dates, she plays a character with no short-term memory, so she cannot remember falling in love with Sandler’s character.

In the scene above, she freaks out when she finds him in her bed, forgetting him every time she falls asleep.

2. Every 10 Years They Get to Fall in Love Again

The pair joked that with three movies in 16 years, approximately every 10 years they get to fall in love on screen.

On The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, the two paid homage to their once-a-decade on-screen relationship with a song.

“Every 10 years I promise to love you,” Barrymore started.

“I’ll always be true even as we get older,” Sandler continued.

At the end, Sandler surprised Barrymore with lyrics from The Wedding Singer’s “Grow Old With You.”

3. They Make Movies for Both Men & Women

In the interview above, Fallon told Barrymore that he cannot help but cry at their touching scenes together.

She replied:

I think Adam and I have always tried to make movies that balance men and women. … You want the dudes to be happy, but you want the ladies to be happy too.

4. Drew Said She’s in Love With Him, Which Makes Their Movies Better

In the interview above they discuss why they enjoy working together.

Barrymore gushed:

I like going to work with him because my characters are in love with him and I’m in love with him, so it’s easy, it’s genuine when I get to work with him. I care about him. I admire him. So I get to put that admiration into work every day. … And that’s a very beautiful and rare situation.

5. Drew Consulted Adam on Her Baby’s Name

Barrymore had her second child on April 22 with her husband, Will Kopelman.

Before her daughter was born, she asked Sandler, who has two daughters, Sunny and Sadie, his opinion.

“I said to him, ‘What do you think of Frankie?’ and he loved it,” Barrymore told Ellen in the clip shown above.

In 2003, Sandler married Jackie Titone, who had a part in her future husband’s movie, Big Daddy.

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