‘Bachelorette’ Recap 5/26/14: Top 10 Highlights

Monday night featured an unforgettable episode of The Bachelorette. Read on for the top 10 insane highlights and recap.

1. Eric Hill Gets the First One-On-One Date

Eric Hill, who passed away in a paragliding accident, gets the first solo date with Andi and it went perfectly. The two hung out on the beach before taking a helicopter to Big Bear Mountain for some snowboarding and fun in the snow. Hill also revealed a scary story of when he went to Syria as a journalist and faced real danger.

2. The Group Date Is a Striptease

For the first group date of the season, the guys had to do serious stripteases for an audience of women in the name of charity. Check out some of the outrageous photos of the guys giving viewers an unforgettable Bachelorette episode.

3. Marcus Has to do a Solo Strip Routine

Conservative, yet super adorable Marcus gets assigned to do a solo performance at the striptease group date, giving a little Top Gun action to the ladies in the audience. In his aviator outfit, Marcus was very nervous, but managed to pull through and Andi was very impressed.

4. Craig Gets Stupidly Drunk

Contestant Craig gets extremely drunk, jumps in the pool, pushes fellow contestant Patrick, and makes a fool of himself after the group date.

5. Chris Soules Gets the Second Solo Date

Iowa farm boy Chris Soules gets the second one-on-one date with Andi Dorfman. For the first part of their date, the two dress up for some time at the race track. For more information on Chris, check out this link:

6. Sharleen Joynt Returns for the Striptease Group Date

Former Bachelor contestants Sharleen Joynt and Kelly Travisty returned to accompany Andi Dorfman on her group date, watching all the guys strip down.

In case you don’t remember Sharleen, check out her 5 Fast Facts by clicking the below link:

7. Marcus Gets the Group Date Rose

After shaking his stuff on the sexy group date, Marcus received the group date rose. Andi basically told the guys that the man receiving the rose handled himself with humility and held his own on stage under that kind of pressure.

8. Craig Tries to Serenade Andi

In an effort to get back on Andi’s good side, Craig decides he needs to take drastic measures, so he busts on the guitar and begins to serenade Andi. It’s pretty off-key, but Andi giggled politely through Craig’s “performance” while the other contestants eavesdropped and laughed.

9. Chris Soules Reveals He Used to Be Engaged

On his solo date with Andi, Chris Soules reveals that he was previously engaged, but then lets Andi know that he’s on the show for the right reasons and really wants to find his soul-mate. Andi is quite taken with Chris and respects him for opening up to her.

10. Three Contestants Get Eliminated

On tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette, Craig Muhlbauer, Nick Sutter and Carl King get eliminated.