PHOTOS: Bad Girls Club Chicago Cast 2014, Season 12

Bad Girls Club: Chicago is the show's 12th season, which premieres tonight at 8 p.m. on Oxygen. The reality series is basically about putting a bunch of rowdy girls in the house together and seeing who tries to kill each other. This season will be different as the show will feature a life coach who will help the girls work on their issues throughout the show. Now that you've got the rundown on the new season, let's check out the new bunch of girls ...

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Ik i really like the new loren and red is just a bully i love blue and asia relastionship i mean like duamond cant get mad cause blue is messing with asia she can on to her first i like slim and i cant stand britt


i think that brit just wants reasons to say jadas name she watches her every move swear to god She Jumps to the sound of jadas voice && frfr i think she start showing off a little too much for her ugly ass boyfriend lmao but to be honest jada is a bitch she cant stand up for herself & thats her problem & i dont think jada can fight but at least she got heart britt she all mouth she just wants to be rowdey shorty know she aint even built like that bet she wont get big with loren bet shell be scared some body tell that bitchh sit tf down & loren i fuck with loren but sometimes i feel like she thinks ma fuccas gotta be scared of her like noooo but yea other than that yea she cool but red no comment she think cause she big && cause she can get loud ma fuccas will fear her 😂😂😂 Ctfu Umm no boo one of yall better pick some shit tf up && asia is a bitch to she pretty or whatever but she scary & That model chick slim or whatever she pretty && at the begining they was hatin like a mofo && it was showin youu could tell they was mader than a ma fucca do ya thing boo 😘

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