Bad Girls Club Chicago: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Bad Girls Club Chicago


It’s that time again … The Bad Girls Club is back with a new bunch of rowdy girls ready to take over the mansion with their big attitudes and hardcore partying. It’s the 12th season, set in Chicago, and these seven ladies will be forced to follow certain rules or they can kiss their Bad Girls status goodbye. The premiere is Tuesday night at 8 p.m. eastern time. Here’s what you’re in for this season:

1.This Season Stars Alex Rice, the Daughter of an ex-Notre Dame Quarterback

Rice is a 22-year-old model and the daughter of Tony Rice, who helped lead the Notre Dame football team to the 1988 national championship.

Rice’s bio on the show’s website claims she is a wild party girl with trust issues, and has a rocky relationship with her father.

2. Jade Did Not Know Chicago Wasn’t in Boston

Bad Girls Chicao


The Chicago Tribune reports on this hilarious exchange between Jade and a producer:

Producer: Do you want me to tell you where this season is going to be? … It’s going to be in Chicago.

Jade: Boston?

Producer: Chicago, not Boston. Did you think Chicago was in Boston?

Jade: Yes. That’s why I said that — wait, is it?

3.There’s a Ton of Fighting

There’s no shortage of drama, some of which you can watch in the video above. It transpires after Alex hears Loren call her out during a private phone call.

This season features a life coach that will help the girls get back on track. Hopefully she can tone down the hair-pulling.

4. Britt is a Self-Proclaimed Hustler

Here’s how Britt’s bio on the show’s website describes her:

With her loud personality, Britt is always the life of the party and works as a shot girl to fill her appetite for money and alcohol. She’s a self-proclaimed hustler who demands respect and believes she has the ability to convince people to do anything she wants.

5.The Show’s Website Has a Booty Bracket

Fans can vote who they think will make it to the next round. The bracket includes the best booties across all seasons.



Season 11’s Sarah is currently in the semi-finals for the bracket. She’s in the lead with 75%. Following her is Season 10’s Paula.

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