‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 7 Finale: Recap & Review

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The Season 7 finale of The Big Bang Theory aired on May 15, and it was, in a word, bittersweet.

In “The Status Quo Combustion,” we celebrated Penny and Leonard’s engagement, but also worried about Sheldon’s fate.

Here are the highlights of the episode.

1. Leonard & Penny Announce Their Engagement

The Status Quo Combustion, big bang theory season finale, big bang theory season 7 finale

(Michael Yarish/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.)

The couple tells their friends the happy news in the apartment before a group dinner.

Next, they alert their families.
Leonard calls his mother, who already heard from Sheldon.

Penny also calls her mom and must clarify her situation with:

No, I’m not pregnant. Yeah, this is a first for our family.

When they talk about setting a date, Penny explains that they need to wait for her brother to get out of jail, in 12 to 18 months.

2. Leonard Suggests Sheldon Will Not Live With Him Any Longer

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(Michael Yarish/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.)

The university is not letting Sheldon change his course of study. “I’m tempted to leave the university,” he says.
As he writes a letter of complaint, Leonard brings up their future living arrangements.

“Maybe she and I will take this place and you can move across the hall,” Leonard offers.

In response, Sheldon comes up with one of his funniest lines to date:

Move across the hall? Did you take a marijuana?!

Sheldon goes into a frenzy, shouting accusations.

“You’re putting your future brides’ happiness above mine!” he gripes.

Later on, Sheldon vents to Amy, and she tries her best to make him feel better, even making him a Strawberry Quik.

“Leonard has the audacity to suggest that now that he and Penny are engaged, he may not want to live with me anymore!” Sheldon tells a sympathetic Amy.

“You know, this might work out for the best. You’re always complaining about what a terrible roommate Leonard is. Like how he turns up the thermostat when you’re not there,” Amy starts.

“You hate the sound of all those keys on his keychain,” she continues.

“Four keys! Who does he think he is? A warden?” Sheldon says.

When Amy suggests that he live alone or with her, he leaves in a huff.

3. Raj & Emily Sleep Together

Of course, Raj is on top of the world after he gets more intimate with Emily, and cannot stop bragging.

In fact, right after Penny and Leonard give their news, he interrupts with his.

Leonard is temporarily hurt, but then Bernie says, “You guys propose all the time, this never happens.”

At Cal Tech over lunch, Raj continues to gloat.

4. Howard’s Mother Drives Everyone Crazy…Except Stuart

howard and bernadette, bernadette the big bang theory

(Michael Yarish/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.)

Mrs. Wolowitz’s declining health threatens the sanity of the newlyweds. Her health aides keep quitting.

However, Howard’s cannot abandon her in her time of need.

When he suggests they give up their vacation to take care of her, Bernadette threatens a divorce.

“I wanted to go to Hawaii, not hell,” yells Bernadette.

Later, Bernie meets the girls over drinks and complains about also marrying Howard’s mother.

Everything changes when Stuart is hired to care for “Debbie,” as she’s asked him to call her.

The new friends watch Wheel of Fortune together, and Howard and Bernadette finally get some peace.

5. Sheldon Discovers the Comic Book Store Closed & Bails

sheldon leaves, jim parsons season finale, big bang theory spoilers

(Darren Michaels/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.)

With the news of his roommate’s pending nuptials too much of a change for him to bear, Sheldon leaves the situation.

He can’t believe his eyes when he sees that the comic book store caught on fire and had to close.

Stuart and Sheldon have a discussion about their terrible plights, and Sheldon leaves.

Leonard tracks Sheldon’s phone and discovers he’s at the train station, ready for departure.

He says:

Don’t be melodramatic. Just getting on a train and leaving forever.

“What can I do?” Leonard asks.

“Maybe we need to let him go,” Penny offers. “He’ll be okay.”

They says their goodbyes and Leonard turns back and says, “Sheldon, I’m going to miss you.”

“Of course you will,” Sheldon answers.

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