‘Teen Mom’ Stars Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Are Having a Baby

Catelynn Lowell and boyfriend Tyler have been together almost a decade and now they are expecting a baby. We followed the couple’s story on 16 And Pregnant as they came to the difficult decision to give up their daughter Carly for adoption. Then, we watched them push through their rocky relationship on Teen Mom. The couple that we love have since grown and appeared on reality show Couples Therapy.

Now they have decided that having a baby is the right decision for them, but they’ve been catching some heat from people online. After giving their baby up for adoption, some viewers feel they are still too young and hypocrites for having another child. But, the reality is that Catelynn and Tyler have a stable life and are no longer teenagers. They move on with their lives just like the rest of us do. Upon receiving unfavorable comments about their desire to start a family, both Tyler and Catelynn expressed themselves in the below Instagram posts.

Lowell’s mom April Stotts confirmed to Us Weekly that Catelynn is in fact pregnant.

Our best to the happy couple on their journey.