WATCH: ‘Catfish’ Season 3 Spoilers – Nev & Max Tell All

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Nev Schulman and Max Joseph sat down with OK! Magazine to talk about the new season of Catfish and even bring up some news on people who were previously on the show. Here are the main spoilers and reveals:

– The premiere reveals a girl who “catfished an entire town.”

– Lauren and Derek who got engaged from season 2 have broken up. For info on their relationship and proposal, click the below link:

– One episode this season ends with someone getting married.

– This season is much darker than the others and they end up catching some “bad people.” Schulman told Buzzfeed:

A lot of the stories that we’re investigating and dealing with this season are about more real-world catfish. [The catfishers] involve real people, and connect them to each other and get physical things to happen — people to go places, money to be sent. It’s not just the romantic catfish anymore. It’s really about the many different ways people can, when they put their minds to it, manipulate and take advantage of other people in the real world using the internet.

Max Joseph adds:

These aren’t all romantic stories. In some of these instances, people have catfished an entire town. There’s also a lot more cyberbullying this season as well, and people who are using catfish profiles for a lot of different motives, not just to seduce people and fall in love with people, but also to use them and to turn people against each other.

For more information on season 3, check out these links:

And now have a look at Nev and Max dishing on the new season in the below video:

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