Craig & Zoe, ‘Catfish’ Premiere: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Tonight is the season 3 premiere of Catfish, starting with the tale of Craig and Zoe. Have a look at all the info and video clips we could gather to give you as many details as possible about Craig and a girl whose name is supposedly Zoe … While we call her Zoe, her name is actually Cassandra Rozmus.

UPDATE: Minutes before the episode ended Rozmus deactivate her Facebook account. In addition, photos she’s been tagged in have now become unsearchable on Facebook. The same goes for her Instagram account. As for Craig, he is presently single. Rozmus apologized to Craig’s sister and came clean on the MTV AfterShow.

1. Craig & Zoe’s Story Is the First Episode of Catfish Season 3

Tonight on the premiere of season 3 for MTV’s Catfish, we follow Craig on a journey to meet his love Zoe. The two have never met and Craig says he was introduced to Zoe through his sister even though his sister had never met her either. So, hosts Nev and Max travel to Pittsburgh to help out Craig.

2. Zoe Has Reportedly Hurt People in Craig’s Life

Though Craig initially fell for Zoe because she lifted his spirits, he says she has hurt some of the people in his life. Unfortunately, Craig feels trapped in love and says he needs Zoe in his life. Zoe says she’s from North Carolina, but all her friends on her Facebook are from Florida, the Jacksonville area. Because of this, Nev tells Craig they should head to Florida and do some digging. Entertainment Weekly writes:

It felt like fast love at first, but then Zoe started hacking into his accounts and terrorizing his sister and friends online. But poor Craig just can’t seem to let go of her, and he wants to find out if it’s possible that she could somehow be the one for him. Things don’t appear to be headed anywhere in that direction as Kayln explains to Craig how Zoe posted nude pictures of her.

3. Craig’s Father Died of AIDS

When Craig was 8 years old, his father died after he didn’t wear protection and contracted AIDS. Throughout his young life, Craig dealt with having an absentee father, saying he only saw his dad once. Dealing with abandonment, Craig feels that he clings to Zoe and doesn’t want to let go because of this issues.

4. Zoe Never Sent Craig any Photos or Videos of Herself

The only evidence Craig has when his relationship with Zoe is concerned is that they talked every day via phone or computer. She never would send him photos or video chat with him, which made him wonder about her true identity.

5. Zoe Is Cassandra Marie Rozmus

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First, Zoe asked Craig for his email and Facebook passwords, saying that she needed to trust him. Then, Facebook’s Photo Syncing turned into an ugly situation for Craig after old lingerie photos of another friend surfaced on his account. Zoe then took action and posted them on his Facebook, saying the girls were hoes and it was a big mess. Craig says he’s changed his password many times, but Zoe’s always managed to hack into his account.

One day, Craig questioned Zoe about a heavy-set brunette who’s photo popped up on his account. Could this be the real Zoe?

As far as how their relationship goes … Things clearly do not end well for Craig and Zoe as we’ve seen a clip of Craig crying, saying, “I fell in love with somebody who’s just evil.” When Craig and the Catfish crew show up to Zoe’s (Cassandra Rozmus’) house, it’s revealed that Zoe isn’t who she seems. Rozmus says she has no excuse, it was just a joke that got out of hand, and it was a game to “put people on blast” messing with people. She also says she didn’t feel bad about hurting Craig and his sister and that she never had feelings for Craig.

At the end, Cassandra meets up with Craig and tells him that she is sorry, but she still seems not to care and laughs everything off for the most part. But, when Cassandra chats just with Nev, she becomes very emotional and talks about the suicidal thoughts she’s had.


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Really thought Craig is great dude, felt bad that she did that to someone like Craig, there are good honest ppl out here, hope he finds someone ov equal value,

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