‘Dancing With the Stars’ Finale Part 1 Recap 5/19/14: Top 10 Highlights

6. James Maslow Tells the Sad Story of His Brother Getting Into a Bad Accident

When Maslow was younger, his brother Phillip wound up in a coma after a tragic accident. Phillip fortunately recovered and told the cameras that he remembered his brother being by his side every day at the hospital. This powerful story led into Maslow’s freestyle routine, which started off with Maslow doing a flip off the DWTS stage … and of course, James was shirtless, wearing an open vest. This routine scored them a 29 out of 30.

7. Meryl Opens Up About Her Dyslexia

As part of Meryl’s intro for her freestyle dance, her friends, skating coach, and family started talking about her determination, battling through her dyslexia. Then Meryl starts talking about the craziness that goes into training for the Olympics. For their freestyle routine, Maks went shirtless and Meryl work a nude slip dress. The two gave a contemporary performance that was full of passion and incredible choreography. And, at the end of the routine, Meryl smiled as the two shared an “almost kiss.” The stellar dance earned them a perfect score of 30 with raving reviews from the judges.

8. Maks And Meryl’s Routine Brought Tears to the Audience

After Meryl and Maks’ freestyle routine, the camera panned to celebrity Brandy Norwood who was watching from the audience with tears streaming from her eyes. Then, when the judges started to talk about their routine, Carrie Ann Inaba appeared to have tears in her eyes and told Meryl and Maks that they should get married.

9. Candace Reveals Body Image Problems When She Was on Full House

Former Full House cast-mates Lori Loughlin and Bob Saget opened up to cameras about the difficulties Candace had in her teen years. She felt she didn’t like the way she looked on screen, feeling chubby, going through weight issues. With all the dancing, she’s really toned up her body and is so proud of the way she looks. Candace says this show has given her such a self-esteem boost.

10. Purdy Opens Up About Losing her Legs

At 19 years old, Purdy was hospitalized and on life support after contracting meningitis. In order to live a normal life, she had to have her legs amputated. All Purdy could think about in the hospital was getting back to snowboarding and now all she thinks about is Dancing With The Stars. For their final routine together, Purdy and Derek Hough gave a sexy contemporary dance, ending things with an insane Cirque du Soleil spinning move from Purdy. The routine scored them a 29 out of 30.

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