‘Dancing With the Stars’ 5/5/2014 Recap: Top 10 Best Highlights

6. Maks and Danica Get Into a Fight

Danica and Val dueled Maks and Meryl on the dance floor, but things also got a little heated in rehearsals. Danica told Maks that he’s very insulting and he told her she was condescending. The two clearly were in disagreement and things became quite uncomfortable.

7. Maks Completely Insulted Guest Judge Abby Lee Miller

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Meryl and Maks gave an extremely sexy rumba performance, depicting a fight between two lovers. During rehearsals, Meryl talked about how Maks is a soft teddy bear and the two cuddled with each other during several moments of the footage. Maks then told the camera that “whatever it is that the two have together” will continue once the show is over. As for their performance, Meryl started it off with a giant slap across Maks’ face to show the emotion in their story. Once the judges gave their input, overall it was amazing … However, Abby Lee Miller had a few things to say about it. Mainly, Miller was drooling over Maks, paying him some serious compliments, but also had some unfavorable thoughts on his footwork.

The couple ended up with a 36 out of 40 after Maks said he didn’t care about anything Miller had to say. As Maks dished out his giant insult, Derek Hough was shown giving praise by clapping over his head, completely agreeing with Maks.

Later on, Maks’ brother Val gave Abby Lee Miller a little lip as well, but not quite to the extent that Maks did.

8. James Maslow and Candace Cameron-Bure Were Also in Jeopardy

Candace and Mark Ballas gave a very cute, housewife inspired routine tonight. After being announced as in jeopardy, the couple appeared to have a lot of fun on the dance floor anyway and the judges really enjoyed it as well, giving them a 36 out of 40.

Maslow and Murgatroyd gave a romantic performance and did an amazing job in the ballroom tonight. During rehearsals, Maslow’s band-mates from Big Time Rush teased the dancing duo, asking if they were dating. Maslow didn’t really answer them. As for the judges, Len Goodman was critical of Maslow’s legs, Miller was in awe of Murgatroyd, Tonioli loved the chemistry between the two of them, and Inaba gave her praise, but said she saw a lift that she has to take a point off for … The couple scored a 36 out of 40.

9. Amy Purdy Is Injured

Last night, Amy Purdy was injured during the show and had to leave to go to the hospital. She injured her back and her rib keeps popping out of place. Nonetheless, Purdy carried on and closed out the first round of performances tonight with Derek Hough in a sensual Argentine Tango. Though the dance was thrilling and amazing, there was one small problem towards the end with their stool prop. Despite Miller’s rocky past with Derek Hough, she gave him direct praise on his choreography. The other judges gushed over the performance as well and gave the couple a perfect score of 40.

10. One of Our Favorite Stars Got Voted Off

Candace Cameron-Bure, James Maslow, and Danica McKellar were the celebrities in jeopardy tonight. Ultimately, one of them was sent home … Danica McKellar.

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