Elizabeth Olsen: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Although she was originally only known for her famous twin sisters, Elizabeth Olsen is standing on her own in Hollywood these days.

Although Lizzie, as she prefers to be called, began her career in indie films, on May 16, she’ll star in her first blockbuster.

Here’s what you need to know about the girl who plays Elle in Godzilla.

1. She Has Famous Sisters, But Thinks Her Brother Is the Most Talented

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In interviews, the actress is usually asked about being related to Mary-Kate and Ashley.

Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live actually took the sisterly conversation to a new level.

When a caller asked which twin she prefers, she answered, “Ashley remembered my birthday, but I don’t hold grudges against Mary-Kate forgetting mine.”

However, the youngest Olsen girl has a special connection with her brother, James, who goes by “Trent.”

She told Interview:

My older brother Trent is actually the most talented one in the whole family, seriously. He is stupid talented. He made me watch and listen to and read everything he thought was cool. I think he thought he could mold my brain.

All four of the Olsen siblings are close. In fact, Mary-Kate and Ashley even named their clothing line, Elizabeth and James, after their two youngest siblings.

2. She’s Engaged

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Olsen and Boyd Holbrook (Getty)

The man who stole her heart is actor Boyd Holbrook, who will star in the highly anticipated Gone Girl.

The pair met on the set of Very Good Girls in 2012.

As fate would have it, Ashley is also engaged now, to Olivier Sarkozy.

When asked if she will plan a double wedding with her sister, Elizabeth replied, “No, I just told her she gets to pick a date first.”

As far as wedding planning goes, she told Marie Claire:

I’m relaxed about it, but I am excited and planning ideas because it’s fun—it’s just like throwing a party to celebrate life.

3. She’s a Foodie

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The video above is her photo shoot to accompany her interview for Bob Appetit.

Although many women in her industry watch their calorie intake, Olsen is way too into food to care so much.

She told the culinary magazine:

No. I look at some actresses and say,’There’s no way she eats’ That’s not me. I get way too much happiness from good food.

At times, she does admit to getting reservations at city hot spots using her famous last name.
“I only use it at Il Buco in New York, because it’s one of my favorite restaurants. If they say they’re booked, then I’m kinda like,’Okay, well, I’m in the computer…’

Speaking about New York City restaurants, the actress also appeared on Avec Eric, with one of Manhattan’s celebrity chefs, Eric Ripert. On the show, she learns how to make pappardelle with wild boar.

Elizabeth Olsen and Eric Ripert Prepare Wild Boar Ragu | On The Table™ Ep. 8 Full | Reserve ChannelActress Elizabeth Olsen (Martha Marcy May Marlene) joins Chef Eric Ripert to learn how to cook Pappardelle with Wild Boar Ragu and talk about food, acting, and growing up in a famous family. They talk about hanging out on the set of Full House, deciding to be an actor at a young age, and studying…2013-03-21T13:02:27.000Z

4.She’s Comfortable With Nudity

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The trailer above is from Oldboy, where Olsen stars opposite Josh Brolin. She talked about her nude scene in that film with the Daily News:

I truly believe in the films I’ve chosen to be nude [in]. It helps tell a more grotesque story. There’s nothing gratuitous about it, and it creates the opposite of pleasure. I find it empowering.

Olsen, who attended NYU, studied feminism and is not afraid to talk about the concept.

She said, “…I was taking feminism classes at college. I’m also fascinated by the politics of pregnancy; there are so many things people don’t talk about with women’s bodies. I feel like people are too scared to talk about it – at least in the States.”

5. She’s a Sundance Star

In 2011, she came on the scene with a dark role in Sundance’s Martha Marcy May Marlene, where she earned critical acclaim.

At the Toronto Film Festival, she was asked about her budding fame in the indie genre.

She answered:

If I were to ask myself a year ago whether this would be happening, I would not believe it. It’s really exciting. It’s also a little intimidating. I’m just starting to work so naturally everything is an ebb and flow, like a roller coaster, up and down.

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