‘Game of Thrones’ Season 4 Episode 7 Recap & Review: Top 5 Spoilers

game of thrones

Game of Thrones Season 4 is winding down, and it’s been more than a few episodes since a high-profile death, so you know there has to be a few coming. Are you ready for some deaths when they happen? How will the Tyrion trial and impending punishment be resolved? We’ll have to see. The episode title “Mockingbird,” has to do with Littlefinger’s recently acquired sigil. Where will his meteoric rise to power end?

Here are the best moments and spoilers from tonight’s episode:

1. Arya Continues Her Dissent Into Being a Cold Blooded Killer

game of thrones

Arya stark has proven multiple times this season that she is a more than capable killer. Tonight, her victim wasn’t someone already injured, or someone with his backed turned, it was an armed soldier who just wasn’t fast enough on the draw.

2. ‘The Mountain’ Will Represent Cersei & Oberyn Will Represent Tyrion at the Trial by Combat

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 9.25.44 PM

Both Jaime and Bron, Tyrion’s historic champions, have backed out of representing the little lord. Why? Because Cersei has brought The Mountain, the Hound’s older brother to fight on her behalf. The Mountain is freakishly big and freakishly good at fighting. Who on Earth can Tyrion get to fight him?

Oberyn Martell, aka The Viper, has decided to represent Tyrion as a way to get revenge on the Mountain for killing and raping his sister.

3. Daenerys Sleeps With Daario Naharis

game of thrones

About time. Daenerys hasn’t really shown and romantic feelings since Drogo died, but we all knew this was coming. The smarmy han-solo-esque charm of Daario (even after his recasting) proved too much for her to handle. Will this go anywhere? Doubtful, how can she rule with a mercenary husband?

But poor Jorah. His Mormont heart is broken.

4. Brienne & Pod Meet Hot Pie

Our favorite little chef, the last time we saw Hot Pie he was staying on to cook at a tavern. That just happens to be the tavern Brienne & Poderick enjoy a meal at. They reveal to Hot Pie their quest to find Sansa Stark, and Hot Pie admits that he saw Arya Stark very recently. Now Brienne and Poderick have add another lost girl to their list of things to find. They start their quest to find Arya and head toward the Brotherhood Without Banners.

5. Littlefinger Kisses Sansa, Then Lysa Arryn Falls Through the Moon Door

game of thrones

After a long impassioned speech about how much he loved Sansa’s mother, Littlefinger tells Sansa she’s beautiful and kisses her. Then, when Lysa is threatening to throw Sansa out the moon door, Petyr pushes his new wife straight down to the rocks below.

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