‘I Wanna Marry Harry’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Thousands of women across the globe swoon over Prince Harry, but only twelve of them had the opportunity to date him on a reality show … or so they thought. I Wanna Marry Harry, Fox’s new reality dating competition, tricks a dozen single, American women into thinking they have the chance to wed Prince Harry. Unfortunately for them, Prince Harry is actually an impersonator. Have a look at the crazy facts on the new show.

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1. The Show Never Actually Says that the Women Are Dating Prince Harry

I Wanna Marry Harry brings together 12 beautiful women from across the United States who arrive at a large British estate to meet their prince. What’s really interesting is that the women are never actually told that they are going to be dating Prince Harry (played by Matthew Hicks). They actually convince each other of this.

As the women are enjoying their high tea, a helicopter lands in the nearby gardens and a familiar-looking man is quickly whisked away into an awaiting black SUV. Contestant Kimberly and her fellow contestants have a few guesses on this mysterious man.

“We had a bunch of different theories. One was an actor. One was an athlete. And the obvious one was he’s Prince Harry.”

While some of the women needed more convincing than others, they all soon believed that Matthew Hicks was Prince Harry. Hicks told Vulture magazine:

The girls were brought over on the premise of meeting an eligible bachelor. We dropped hints and they were left to come to their own conclusions. And you know what girls are like, they gossip. Some of them believed more than others, and the ones who didn’t believe were persuaded by the ones that did. As long as there was a seed of doubt, that was all we needed to be successful.

In the premiere, Hicks is a mysterious man referred to as “Sir” by the head butler Kingsley.

2. Matthew Hicks Was Chosen as the Prince Harry Look-Alike

Hicks might appear to be Prince Harry on the show, but in real life, he’s an an environmental consultant living in Exeter, England. When it comes to any guilt Hicks might have felt about deceiving the contestants, TV Guide writes:

Hicks admits he doesn’t have “a lot of guilt” over lying to the girls. “At the end of they day, everyone signed up for a reality TV show. It’s all a bit of fun. Anyone whose criticizing it for being cruel or saying I deceived them, they’re just taking it all too seriously.”

For more information on Hicks, click the below link:

3. Fake Paparazzi Are Part of the Show

In order to help convince the contestants that Hicks was actually Prince Harry, fake photographers were hired. Fake paparazzi try to snap photos of Hicks and the women before security whisks them off the property. This makes for quite an amusing touch to the show.

As for the dates, Hicks will take women on a multitude of extraordinary dates including boat and helicopter rides, trips to secluded beaches and other fairy tale experiences that Prince Harry might actually take his girlfriend. While we may be led to think that the contestants are ditsy and unintelligent, this is not the case. Carly Hawkins is a pre-med student studying cellular molecular biology with an interest in ophthalmology. Andrea Fox works as a lead development representative for a top technology company. Karina is a physical therapist who wants an intelligent, witty and humorous man.

4. The Show Is a Play on Reality Hit Joe Millionaire

The show resembles the network’s 2003 hit Joe Millionaire that had women believing they were dating a millionaire searching for a bride. Wikipedia’s rundown on the hit show reads:

The basic premise is that bachelor Evan Marriott has inherited millions of dollars and is searching for a potential bride. He takes a group of hopeful women on several dates to exotic and luxurious locations, eliminating women at the end of each episode until only one woman remains. The main gimmick of the show is that the entire “millionaire” premise is actually an elaborate ruse. The women are not aware that this bachelor is in fact a working class construction worker.

It’s sequel season, The Next Joe Millionaire, did not do nearly as well, drawing approximately 7 million viewers.

5. The Girls All Gave “Harry” a Headache

While Matthew Hicks enjoyed the experience of being on the show, it was very exhausting for him, having to keep up the lies and stories with each contestant. And apparently, the contestants gave Hicks a headache with all their craziness during filming. Not having watched other dating shows, Hicks was probably not aware that this kind of thing comes with the territory. Hicks talked about how exhausting being on the show was to Vulture:

Every single time I opened my mouth to speak, I also had to think what I was saying. I had to remember all the history about Harry, his schooling, his military career, his entire background. I put in as much of my own personal history as I could so I wasn’t having to lie all the time, but it was really difficult remembering what I had told each different girl and sticking to the same story. It was just draining.

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