PHOTOS: Josh Murray – ‘The Bachelorette’ Contestant

Josh Murray is definitely a favorite of The Bachelorette this season, so check out his best Instagram pics here. For more information on Murray, click here.

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Kate cobly

I think that Andi should not marry josh became she cheated on him n that wrong poor nick he got played big time and if she became pregnant its will not be josh.BABY at all thee end.


Man OH Man, what a catch Andi… two are gorgeous together. D- – – -, you proved how smart you are. Such passion between you two. I can imagine what your kids will look like. Look how beautiful his Mother is and his Dad is a fine looking specimen of a man. Way to go Girl Friend…… I wish ya’ll would have your wedding on T.V. (hope, hope) I just get goose bumps just thinking about ya’ll in the Fantasy Suite last night. OMG I wish I could have been a fly on the wall. The both of you are a match made in heaven. I can’t wait for the final episode. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

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