Penny & Leonard: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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One of TV’s favorite couples is finally making it official.
The Big Bang Theory’s Leonard and Penny have gotten engaged, and the show’s fans couldn’t be happier.

Ever since Penny moved across the hall in Season 1, Leonard was smitten. After many nights of ordering takeout, watching movies, and hanging out with the gang together, they started dating.

Although they’ve had their shares of highs and lows, they’ve always come out even more in love.

Here’s what you need to know about the adorable couple.

1. Leonard Was Dressed as Frodo for Their First Kiss

The Big Bang Theory – Penny & Leonard's first kissAs Leonard has a minor arguement with one of Penny's ex-boyfriend's he goes back to the apartment. Penny comes and say her apologies to Leonard to realise something and let her alcohol overtake her.2013-02-18T16:08:50.000Z

Penny throws a costume party in Season 1 that turns out to have special significance for the couple.

The party takes a turn when Penny’s ex-boyfriend arrives. When Leonard confronts him, he winds up lifting Leonard in the air.

Visibly embarrassed, Leonard leaves the party. Penny, who is pretty drunk, visits his apartment to apologize.

In typical nerd style, they share their first kiss with Leonard dressed as Frodo from Lord of the Rings.

2. They Support Each Other’s Work

Penny Visits Leonard At His LabSeason Six Episode Five. The Holographic Excitation. Penny visits Leonard's lab for the first time. She finds him talking about science very hot and have sex.2012-10-26T05:50:30.000Z

As an experimental physicist, Leonard spends a lot of time at Cal Tech’s lab.

On her first visit, Penny sees him at work, and it really turns her on.

“Sometimes I forget how smart you are,” she gushes. Then, she locks the door, and orders Leonard to take off his clothes.

Although Penny’s career as an actress/waitress couldn’t be more different from he boyfriend’s, he always supports her passion.

When she finally gets a big break in a movie called Serial Apist 2 in Season 7, he is very supportive, and even reads lines with her.

3. Their First Time Was ‘Weird’

TBBT – Penny and Leonard – All bed scenesCRYPTOSHELDON Twitter FOLLOW! The Big Bang Theory CBS TV Show.2010-11-04T12:14:46.000Z

After their first time, in Season 3, they have this deep discussion in bed.

Leonard brings up the fact that having sex as friends should not change anything:

You know how they say when friends have sex it can get weird? Why does it have to get weird? We were friends and now we’re more than friends. We’re whatever this is. But why label it, right? It is what it is.

Penny simply responds, “Leonard, it’s weird.”

He answers, “Totally.”

4. Leonard Said ‘I Love You’ First

leonard and penny kiss, leonard and penny sex


Leonard uttered these three words after hearing Penny quote Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

“Do or do not, there is no try,” she says.

Leonard sits up and says:

Oh my God. I’m lying in bed with a beautiful woman who can quote Yoda.

Caught off guard, Penny cannot say “I Love You” back.

It actually took her five years to say it. In an interview, Kaley Cuoco said that they did that Season 6 scene in only one take.

It was so weird — I became Penny in that moment.’ There was no audience, just Leonard and Penny. It was a moment I’ll definitely never forget.

5. Penny Finally Realized She Only Needs Leonard to Be Happy

The Big Bang Theory – Penny & Leonard get engagedYes, it finally happened. Their babies will be smart and beautiful.2014-05-09T02:47:54.000Z

On May 8, Penny comes to a crossroads in her life.

She’s gotten fired and realizes that she “doesn’t need to be famous or have some big career to be happy.”

After she tells Leonard she needs him, he responds, “Well, I guess I’m in.”

The pair seems disappointed at the lackluster engagement. That all changes when Leonard pulls a ring out from his wallet, telling Penny that he’s had it for a few years.

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