Lisa Lampanelli & Husband Jimmy “Big Balls” Cannizzaro Split: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Lisa Lampanelli and her husband Jimmy Cannizzaro are calling it quits. Read on for the facts.

1. Lampanelli Is Filing for Divorce Today

According to TMZ, Lampanelli is filing for divorce today in New York. Lampanelli and husband Cannizzaro have been married for four years.

Cannizzaro was previously married, but that marriage didn’t take because he didn’t seem to want children. The NY Times wrote:

Mr. Cannizzaro, now 49, grew up in Valley Stream on Long Island. “I was kind of a tough kid when I was growing up,” he said. At 23, he married, but his and his wife’s views on children led to a split. She wanted them, he didn’t. “It’s probably something we should have discussed before we got married,” he said.

2. A Rep for Lampanelli Has Commented on the Split

After speaking with Lampanelli, her rep Yvette Shearer has made a statement saying that they will stay good friends, but “weren’t a match as man and wife.”

3. Jimmy’s “Big Balls” Are Often Joked About in Lampanelli’s Act

Lisa Lampanelli & Jimmy Big BallsChicago Theater Jan 29, 2011 My second time seeing Lisa & it was better this time because Lisa Lampanelli brough her husband "Jimmy Big Balls" on stage :)2011-02-04T23:15:49.000Z

Lampanelli brought her hubby Jimmy “Big Balls” Cannizzaro onstage with her at one of her acts and of course she had to talk a little bit about his “big balls.” Check out the video.

4. Both Lampanelli & Her Husband Recently Shed a Ton of Weight

Perhaps with some new bodies and looks, the couple was looking for even more change? Both Lampanelli and Cannizzaro have taken charge and dropped some serious pounds recently. Cannizarro told TMZ:

We’re leaving the marriage in much better shape than when we came in, since we each weigh 100 pounds less.

5. The Comedian Always Jokes About “Banging Black Guys”

Lisa Lampanelli – Black Guy SexLisa Lampanelli was excited to discover the differences between having sex with white men and black men! Click here to SUBSCRIBE to our channel: Like us on: Follow us on: Visit our official website: Also check out our other network channels

Since Lampanelli always tells jokes about how she likes to “bang black guys” and how she’s been ridden more than a horse at the Kentucky Derby, now’s her chance to get some action, huh? Check out this hilarious bit from Lampanelli, talking about her favorite subject …