Lydia Nam, The-Dream’s Baby Mama: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

R&B Singer The-Dream has been arrested on charges against ex-girlfriend Lydia Nam. Read on for the facts.

1. Nam Was Allegedly Beaten by The-Dream When she Was Pregnant

Nam is reportedly claiming that The-Dream kicked, punched and strangled her while she was pregnant with their son. She waited months after the incident to file a report, which has raised questions.

2. The-Dream Turned Himself in to Police

A warrant was issued days ago for the arrest of the rapper and this morning he turned himself in to police.

Law enforcement sources tells us Dream walked into an NYPD precinct at 8:30 A.M. ET — he had been wanted by police for questioning in connection with an alleged assault on his baby mama, Lydia Nam in April 2013.

3. He Has Been Booked on Both Felonies and Misdemeanors

The-Dream has been booked on multiple charges, according to TMZ, who first broke the news.

Dream’s been booked for the 2 felonies as well as 3 misdemeanors — assault, reckless endangerment, and child endangerment.

This isn’t the first incident The-Dream has gotten into with Nam. TMZ reports:

According to law enforcement sources, Dream was already arrested in connection with a separate domestic violence incident (also involving Nam) last June in Newport Beach, CA … but Nam refused to press charges, so the D.A. rejected the case.

4. Sources Close to the Rapper Say Nam Is Lying

According to Super Gossip, The-Dream’s team says that Nam is lying and that she has a motive.

The-Dream sources insist Nam is lying and that she is vengeful woman who’s plotting to use this alleged crime as a way to extend her visa in the U.S. Nam, who is Canadian, was also involved in a separate domestic violence incident involving The-Dream last June, but refused to press charges in that case.

5. The-Dream Had Reportedly Cheated on his Girlfriend and Dumped his Wife to be With Nam

According to The Dirty, Nam and The-Dream got together in 2012 under messy circumstances.

R&B Singer ‘The Dream’ cheated on his girlfriend & dropped his wife for this Asian girl. He proposed to her & he DOESNT EVEN KNOW HER REAL NAME!!! He tattoo’d “Seung” on his arm of her & she announced on her personal page they were engaged but…. her name is actually Lydia Nam from Toronto. This girl is a mess. She has been charged with child endangerment in Canada.

It’s strange to hear that Nam was charged with child endangerment at one time now that The-Dream is being booked on the same charge, among the others. As far as credibility, The Dirty basically states that Nam has none.

She is known in Toronto for being an escort. She completely discarded her best friend of many years to change her identity to be with him. She’s a huge sham.

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