Matthew Hicks, ‘I Wanna Marry Harry’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Tonight is the premiere of new reality dating show I Wanna Marry Harry and we’ve got all the interesting facts on star Matthew Hicks. Plus, we’ve got all the crazy details on the show and why it’s definitely worth watching.

1. Hicks Is Posing as Prince Harry on the Dating Series

I Wanna Marry Harry is a dating show set up like The Bachelor. Twelve women are gathered to compete for the love of a man they believe to be Prince Harry. Unfortunately for them, Harry is actually Matthew Hicks who even dyed his hair to look just like Prince Harry. TV Guide reported:

A year ago, Matt Hicks was just a normal guy living with friends in Exeter, U.K., working as an environmental consultant and playing hockey in his spare time. But when the producers behind Fox’s new reality show I Wanna Marry Harry reached out to him, Hicks thought, “Why not?”

2. The Show Found Hicks on a Look-Alike Site

There was no audition to be on I Wanna Marry Harry. Hicks was actually picked off of a look-alike website. Vulture interviewed Hicks and he gave the full story:

I was on a look-alike website for a few months, and got an email from the production company. I didn’t hear about the premise at the first interview. It took three or four to get it out of them. But yeah, I essentially got head-hunted for it and, well, I wasn’t going to turn it down because, why not do it?

Hicks continues to talk about the website he was on and what other celebrity impersonators were listed on the site:

It was a website with various other look-alikes for David Beckham and Bruce Forsyth, Simon Cowell, other royals. People can hire them out for events, parties, whatever. I was one of the profiles.

3. Hicks Had to go to “Harry Training School”

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In order to prepare for his role as Prince Harry, Hicks actually had to study and go through training. Hicks told Vulture:

There was a lot of cramming in the beginning, and I’m fortunate enough to have a really good memory. Any facts or figures I was fine with. There was also a week of training where I did horse riding, polo, etiquette, acting, dance lessons. The majority of it was for show, and I didn’t learn a huge amount. But it was an entertaining week, that’s for sure.

Hicks also had to take acting lessons for a week, mainly so that he wouldn’t feel self-conscious on the show.

4. Impersonating Prince Harry Was a Fun Gig for Him in the Past

Originally, Hicks put up photos of himself as a joke with some friends and didn’t realize anything big like this opportunity would ever happen. Prior to the show, Hicks actually got a few gigs off his Harry look-alike profile. He revealed to Vulture:

I had done two or three really small jobs, promotion events at nightclubs. That’s about it. This is the first main job. Essentially, I got to turn up and sit in the VIP area and shmooze the people in there, have photos taken. They put me on their flyers and used it to promote their evening. It’s pocket money. It kept things ticking over.

5. Hicks Has a Brother Who Resembles Prince William

Hicks has apparently always resembled Prince Harry and says he’s gotten the most attention about it since he turned 19. He’s now 23 years old, but revealed that he and his brother were often compared to Prince William and Prince Harry when they were young. His brother “bares a vague resemblance to William.”

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