Nashville Finale Recap: Top 5 Spoilers


(Bob D’Amico/ABC)

In Nashville‘s season finale, Rayna receives two big proposals, Juliette fights for her man Avery and Will makes a huge confession to his wife Layla.

Check out how the chips fell for all of Nashville‘s characters below.

1. Rayna Orchestrates Her Album Launch

Rayna knows she’s need her album to debut at number one for her record label to have a chance. She plans to launch the album with an appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America, but her former boss and rival Jeff Fordham swoops in and steals the spot from her, sliding in his artist Will Lexington.

The Rayna James/Jeff Fordham war has begun.

Ms. James isn’t one for playing dirty, but when she learns Jeff has also secured 200,000 downloads for Will’s debut album she takes the gloves off. She contacts Sam Boone, the man behind those downloads and the same man Rayna told off earlier this season, and makes a little deal of her own snaking those downloads away from Jeff to her first album off the Highway 65 label.

To make it even sweeter, Rayna invites Jeff to her launch concert (now being help at LP Stadium, thanks to her ex-hubby Mayor Teddy) and hands him a card for one of those downloads. Looks like you’ve lost this time Jeff.

2. Juliette Wants Out

Juliette really doesn’t want Avery to find out about her and Jeff’s role in the hay, that she even considers going back to Edgehill Records to keep Jeff silent. Rayna terminate their contract though, so Juliette tries her ever resourceful self-destructive method but Rayna’s not falling for it. After showing up drunk to Deacon‘s benefit concert for his recovery center, Rayna follows Juliette home to get to the bottom of her strange behavior in the last 24 hours.

Juliette finally confesses that she slept with Jeff and then runs to the bathroom to hurl. Rayna, always the mother, sits with her and listens to why Juliette needs to leave Highway 65 (in between holding her hair back from the toilet). Rayna chooses instead to fight back against Jeff with Juliette by her side, and encourages the young star to be honest with her boyfriend.

3. Please Avery, Don’t Leave Juliette Alone

Avery knows Gunnar and Zoey have been keeping a secret from him and they finally break their silence to tell him about Juliette’s affair with Jeff.

Just as Jeff predicted to Juliette, Avery doesn’t understand how Juliette could lie and cheat on him. She tries to explain that it didn’t mean anything, but he throws that back in her face saying nothing means anything to her. Her repeated pleas that she does love him fall on deaf ears and Avery storms out, slamming the door behind him.

But wait, there’s still hope for these star-crossed lovers. Scarlett, of all people, tells Avery to forgive Juliette for whatever she’s done. He takes her advice and heads back over to Juliette’s. She explains how she didn’t feel worthy of him, because he’d inevitably find someone better than her to love. Juliette’s always been alone, but she doesn’t want that anymore.

4. Will Comes Out to Layla

Will remains in the closet and Layla‘s feeling neglected. The reality cameras capturing their every move increases the pressure on Will to try to keep his secret, but it’s getting harder for him to keep lying the girl he cares about.

Layla doesn’t like the distant her husband is putting between them and that slips out on camera when she calls Will, but he ignores her call (too busy setting up a session/date with his male personal trainer). The producers confront Will with the footage and he truly regrets the way he’s been treating her.

The guilt finally overcomes him and he can’t lie to Layla any longer. He pulls her into their bedroom where the cameras won’t see him confesses to his wife that he’s really gay. Unfortunately for Will, someone has placed a hidden camera in the nearby clock capturing the entire moment. Wait for that blowback next season.

5. Luke and Deacon Both Pop the Question

Nashville, Connie Britton

(Mark Levine/ABC)

Rayna takes a brief moment before her big launch concert to say a small prayer for her kids and her wonderful man Luke. She also thanks God for “letting her live,” of course referring to her surviving the terrible car crash she and Deacon were in at the beginning of the season.

Rayna of course brings down the house first with Juliette, then with Luke singing their hit single “Ball & Chain.”

That performance doesn’t hold a candle to what comes next though when Luke gets down on one knee, in front of the entire crowd, and proposes to Rayna. And she says… yes! The fans go wild, except for two: her ex-love Deacon and their daughter Maddie.

Deacon won’t go down without a fight. He goes over to Rayna’s to try and congratulate her on the big news, but he can’t do it. He tells her that he can be that man she’s always wantedto take care of her and the girls. Rayna doesn’t want to hear it, but he grabs her up in a long kiss and she melts. He then slips a ring into her hand and rushes out. Dang girl, two proposals in one night!

That’s it! Rayna’s choice got a lot tougher. Juliette and Avery’s relationship is holding on by a thread, and Will’s life is about to get turned upside down.