WATCH: ‘Neighbors’ Interview With Zac Efron & Dave Franco [Exclusive]

Heavy sat down with the stars of Neighbors, Zac Efron and Dave Franco, to talk about fraternity hazing, Seth Rogen and “being free.”

The pair play the leaders of a fraternity that moves onto a suburban block, with Rogen and Rose Byrne as their next-door neighbors.

With all the hard-partying on screen, we had to ask, “Was the set as much fun as it looked?”

Franco, who plays the frat’s vice president, answered:

When you’re doing a Seth Rogen comedy, it’s just inherently very free and you can literally do and say whatever you want. And that’s rare. It really is.

This R-rated comedy is the first for Efron, and his experience was that much better with Rogen on board:

It was good to be in a place where you could just sort of, like Dave said, ‘be free,’ and really push the limits. I feel like part of the comedy that’s really gripping that Seth has really gotten down, is honesty.

Watch the video above.