Shantel Christine Jackson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Shantel Christine Jackson has been put on blast by ex-fiance Floyd Mayweather in a major way. Read on to see the crazy social media posts, Jackson’s responses, and hear about Jackson’s new celebrity boyfriend.

1. Floyd Mayweather Put Jackson on Blast Via Social Media

The above tweet shows a post that Mayweather supposedly posted and then took down, showcasing a sonogram photo and saying that his ex-fiancee Shantel Christine Jackson aborted their twin babies. Mayweather says that is the reason for the split. TMZ reports:

Floyd’s Facebook page AND his Instagram account each displayed an image of what appears to be ultrasound results and analysis showing at least two fetuses. The document was accompanied by a caption that read, “The real reason me and Shantel Christine Jackson @missjackson broke up was because she got a abortion, and I’m totally against killing babies. She killed our twin babies.”

2. Mayweather Has Further Tried to Humiliate Jackson About her Plastic Surgery

As if the abortion news was not enough, Mayweather posted a photo of Jackson from before she reportedly got plastic surgery. In the caption, Mayweather wrote:

Before all the plastic surgery I had to pay for. I’m a Indian giver I want my money back LOL.

One of the hashtags Mayweather used when posting this video was #TheMoneyTeam.

3. Jackson Reportedly Told Mayweather She Had a Miscarriage

Shantel Jackson reportedly had an abortion in a very deceitful way. Larry Brown Sports writes:

A report from on Thursday cited sources who claim an abortion was in fact the cause of the split between Mayweather and Jackson. Shantel supposedly claimed she had a miscarriage at first but Mayweather later learned she had gotten an abortion.

FightHype’s report was this:

Mayweather was said to be affected “emotionally and mentally” as abortions go against his belief of killing babies. Furthermore, we’re informed that Mayweather began to question if the babies she was carrying were really his, causing him to call an abrubt end to the relationship. Mayweather first hinted about the loss of the babies on the third installment of All Access: Mayweather vs. Maidana.

4. This Isn’t the First Time Mayweather’s Lashed Out at Jackson Online

Just a couple weeks ago, Mayweather posted the above photo on Instagram, which was not very flattering. It seemed to be an effort to get a rise out of Jackson. In response, Jackson wrote:

What woman doesn’t have a day like this. This reason why I left!!! It’s been a year now. Don’t you have a fight coming up.

5. Rapper Nelly & Jackson Appear to be Dating

Jackson seems to have moved on from her relationship with Mayweather as she was spotted at a Charlotte Bobcats game earlier this week with rapper Nelly. Just a few hours ago, Jackson posted the above photo on her Instagram account saying:

Look up MO say cheese… Lol You encourage me to smile and laugh through all my BS. Thank You. #Realfriend P.S You are truly a comedian. LMAO… !!!

Perhaps Nelly is helping her deal with this rough time … Larry Brown Sports reported:

Nelly posted Jackson as his #WCW, or “Woman Crush Wednesday,” on Instagram earlier this month.

Jackson’s new relationship and Mayweather’s postings have interesting timing, don’t they?

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