‘The Bachelorette’ 2014 Premiere Recap: Top 10 Highlights

Tonight was the premiere of season 10’s The Bachelorette and we’ve got the Top 10 highlights of the night as well as the eliminations.

1. Things Started With a Tribute to Contestant Eric Hill, Who Passed Away

Before the season got a chance to air, contestant Eric Jonathan Hill passed away in a tragic paragliding accident. To learn more about Eric Hill, click on one of the below links:

2. Andi Leaves Her Job as a Lawyer to Join the Show

At the beginning of the premiere, the cameras follow around Andi as she makes the decision to quit her job as an attorney in hopes of finding love on the show. Then, we watch her travel to California, go shopping, and get ready for the premiere. With the assistance of her sister, Andi gets ready to meet 25 eligible men.

3. The First Limo Arrival Is Marcus

Marcus, who is shaking and very nervous, is the first one to pop out of a limo to meet Andi. Andi’s reaction is that he is very hot. Other memorable limo arrivals include one contestant bringing her a stolen lamp from the hotel, a doctor delivering a corny joke, and contestant Patrick showing off some soccer moves.

4. Former Contestant Chris Bukowski Crashes the Party

5. Andi Is Instantly Attracted to Josh Murray

Andi Dorfman definitely has her eye on Josh Murray and told the cameras that he is absolutely her type.

6. Nick V. Gets the First Impression Rose

7. Cody Pushes His Limo Up the Hill to Andi

There were so many different things the guys tried to catch Andi’s attention during the limo arrivals.

8. Professional Golfer Nick S. Shows Up in a Golf Cart

As one of the attempts for attention by the contestants, pro-golfer Nick S. pulls up in a golf cart instead of getting out of a limo. Side note: Nick S. is buddies with celebrity Brody Jenner.

9. There Were Six Eliminations

Dr. Jason Leep, Rudie Baldwin, Josh Bauer, Mike Campanelli, Steven Woolworth, and Emil Schaffroth were all eliminated on tonight’s premiere. Josh Bauer was not happy at all about his elimination, saying the show was basically an embarrassing waste of time that his friend put him up to in the first place.

10. Scenes From the Upcoming Episode Were Shown

The highlights from the upcoming season show Andi on dates with the late Eric Hill, Nick Viall, and Josh Murray. There’s a lot of kissing, slow dancing, and fights. Cody and Nick V. particularly don’t get along. Andrew also gets in a big fight with a fellow contestant as well.

At one point, Andi has a breakdown, being insulted by the guys questioning her authenticity. But, she’s not the only one shedding tears this season.

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